Still Making Gold?

Gold making has slowed down a bit, as people wait to hear about 9.1 but I’m not doing too bad. I have just over 8 million on one server (alliance) and on the horde side of things I’m sitting at just over my first million. I donated 600k to a guild just getting off its feet, and I don’t really have a great need for gold right this second, so I’m comfortable with the slower earnings that have been trickling in.

Making an Effort to be Better

When it comes to my characters, I’m pretty OCD. I like them all on the same server. I like different servers for different factions. I’ve been playing on Argent Dawn for a few years now, but I used to play on Hyjal with horde. I left when my husband started playing. Except he’s not playing any more, and I’ve been really lonely.

As much as my anxiety would like people to constantly reach out to me, I realize this is unreasonable and the fact of the matter is that I too have to put forth effort if I want to find a ‘home’ and connect with people.

I recently returned full time to Seaghyn, a guild I’ve been in for many years as a casual – horde, on Hyjal. I’ve started moving my horde characters over using tokens, and so far I have 4 moved. It’s a full population server (or at least high population) and VERY different from my quiet low population of Argent Dawn. I’m making an effort to get involved with things, help people, and be present. I’ve been lurking in discord for years now, but I don’t really say much. All the channels they have make me feel overwhelmed.

I need to make my own efforts, though. I can’t expect everyone else to do that for me, it’s just not fair. I just hope I’m up to the task.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Me? Oh I like Lists

In order to be successful at making gold in world of warcraft – you have to want to stick with it. If it’s not fun and it feels like endless work you’re not going to develop those good gold making habits that are required for you to develop as a goblin. Giving up is probably one of the easiest ways you can lose gold.

I don’t enjoy farming. I don’t gather herbs or mine and I don’t run dungeons for transmog to sell. I have been known to run dungeons for fun, to collect transmog for personal use, but it’s just not something I enjoy doing to make gold. I DO like making lists. I love data entry. I love tracking characters, tracking gold, tracking factions – you name it, I want to see it on a list. It makes me excited to make gold when I can see my gains every day – heck it makes me excited to make gold even when I see my loss. One of the best things about making gold is that there is no one way of doing it. There is no right way. If you enjoy harvesting for hours and supplying materials – then go do that. If you enjoy farming transmog and have an impressive collection of 1500 pieces to sell, then go do that. Do what makes you happy.

If you want to be cut throat and devour every bit of information on gold making in world of warcraft that you can – then do it. Go for it. Pick a point, and start there. Learn The Undermine Journal and how it can work in your favour. Learn TradeskillMaster. Lurk in channels. Don’t wait until you have start up capitol, don’t wait until Shadowlands, don’t wait until you’re too bored to play and give up – start when you are excited.

All it takes is that little spark of motivation. You have to keep at it. When it gets boring, change things up. Diversify. Expand. There are so many different methods out there to earn your token and I promise you that anyone out there is capable of it.

Gold Making Goals

For the past four years I have focused on making gold in world of warcraft. I’ve taken breaks (sometimes as long as 6 months) but it has always been the game that I returned to. I’ve obtained most of my previous goals, and so it’s time for some new ones.

The two new goals are not completely ambitious, but are well suited for me as a casual player. They’re long-term goals, that should take roughly a year. That doesn’t mean I won’t accomplish them sooner, but there’s less pressure that way.

Goal number one is to hit gold cap on my alliance side characters. Right now I’m sitting at almost 7 million gold having purchased my brutosaurus and paying for my five accounts with gold – as well as purchasing the epic version of Shadowlands for each account. In other words, I’ve spent a lot of gold.

Goal number two is to hit 5 million gold on my horde side characters. Right now I’ve just crossed into the 1 million gold mark. I have less characters and less set up overall on the horde side, having just recently decided to start playing them. I’m giving myself more than a year to accomplish these goals but because I’ve already got quite a head start, I’m not expecting them to take too long. I like having goals, it gives me a purpose, and I intend on keeping my ultra casual approach to things.

You don’t have to cancel scan every 15 seconds in order to earn enough for a monthly token, and I’m hoping that I can show people that it’s viable to be a smaller goblin and still end up with some pretty big numbers.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!