Games – What’s Going on in August

Despite what the past week or so has shown, I DO tend to write about video games here, so let’s do a little update on that.

World of Warcraft – I’m “playing” but not really. I haven’t kept up with content or story, instead I do some pet battles and marketing bits. As much as I love World of Warcraft, and I do, the game is old and it shows. It’s comfortable, but there’s nothing innovative and I always get a little bored mid way through expansions. It happened with Shadowlands and I’m not exactly surprised that it’s happening in Dragonflight either. Don’t get me wrong, I think DF is an amazing expansion (compared to previous ones) and I’ve had a lot of fun, but it doesn’t seem to last.

Wurm Online / Wurm Unlimited – I’ve been cautious about playing much WO because I’m not exactly convinced that the ‘new’ CEO won’t completely change the game that I love and adore, so to scratch some of those WO itches I’ve been playing a bit of WU, where the Sklotopolis server is my home and I have a small deed there I’ve been working on. WO has done some great QoL changes over the years that I really wish WU would be able to pick up on, but the Sklotopolis server developers have done well given their restrictions. They can only do server side changes with the way things currently are.

FFXIV – My husband returned to this game sort of out of the blue, because two of his RL friends are playing. I decided why not, and my little bard is mid-way through Endwalker and level 86. Most of my time is still spent crafting and harvesting, but the game is lovely. I’d like to get more into housing (so far I only have an apartment) and I’m learning the markets. Having 40(60) sale slots has been an interesting restriction that I’ve been having fun working around/with.

Baldur’s Gate 3 – Like a lot of others, I picked it up just before release and then held off playing so that progression wouldn’t have to start over. I have a 4 person campaign with some friends, and a 2 person campaign with my husband. I’ve been having an absolute blast, and while I know there are some issues that hardcore D&D players take issue with, I’ve just been relaxing and enjoying the narrative. Combat did take some getting used to, but now that we’re no longer in the tutorial and we’ve been adventuring together for a bit, it’s much more fluid. I play a wood elf druid in my group campaign, and a human paladin with my husband. Probably one of my favourite games this year.

Cook Serve Delicious 3 – When I don’t want to be around people this is the game I head to. I enjoyed the previous two versions of the game, and the third one follows a pretty dark apocalyptical timeline that I wasn’t expecting, but still enjoy. I appreciate that they have a ‘chill’ mode, and it’s just been a great little game to escape to.

School (and thus homeschool) will be picking back up in September, and this time I’ll have my 7 year old son and my 5 year old daughter so spare time (and thus gaming time) will go down as I do lesson plans and all that other fun stuff. I’m also trying to dedicate a bit of free time to hobbies, so games that I can get into (and out of) quickly are usually the winners. Baldur’s Gate 3 is (right now) Tuesday / Friday nights for 2h, and everything else I just sort of rotate around. Hopefully I can continue to balance it all, but we shall see. Life doesn’t always listen to me when I ask things to go a certain way.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Pillaging Galore

I was finally able to pillage one of the best sites I have come across in a long time. My neighbour over on Novus had been inactive since I moved there, and eventually their place was disbanded for being inactive. There were a bunch of buildings left up, so I deeded alongside of them to speed up the decay process. Then I waited. It took roughly two weeks for the 40ql stone buildings to decay enough for the ‘clean up’ option to show, but I was able to pillage the site, and I kept a steady eye on it via my laptop because there were two others in the area who were also trying to pillage it.

What I found was an incredible amount of building material (which is fantastic for me, as I continue to build up my plaza and I hate making those items) and some pretty rare items along side. I found a blue tome (sorcery item) which I gave to Moumix (I already have a blood of the angels that I never remember to use, I don’t need multiple items), I found a bunch of unique bloods which I split as well – and then, a day later because I didn’t even realize they were hidden in a satchel, I found two rare bones.

Rare bones allow you to turn items in your inventory rare (one use) so I promptly used it on my seryll pickaxe. I’ve never actually found a bone on my own (you can find them rarely in treasure chests scattered along the land, or win one in a unique slaying, or even find them digging). Tons of steel tools, weapons, armor, and all of it high quality to boot. It was definatly a pillage that I will remember for a while. After I hauled all of the supplies back to my deed, I decided to take them back to Liberty, which is where I spend most of my time. I am not really good at splitting my time between servers, so once I remove everything from the deed on Novus I’m going to disband it and just focus on one server. Less stress for me that way.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Quail Plaza

Quail Plaza is coming along, I’ve almost completed the third story of the block, and then I’ll add ladders, and begin the 4th floor. I’m going to hold off on decorating until near the end, but I’m pleased with the overall effect. It should look exactly as I had hoped – a shopping plaza!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Longer Affinity Timers?! How!

I know you can get MUCH longer affinity timers by using alcohol instead of food – but I have no idea how people are able to customize 30+ day drinks. I know how to make complex moonshine, which gives me the toy affinity, but anything else is beyond me. I’d love to figure this out one day.