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I consider myself to be a ‘nomadic gamer’ – that is to say that I bounce around from game to game depending on my mood and attitude at the time. I can’t promise I will keep this list updated, but as of August 2017, this is currently where you’ll find me (most likely).

Guild Wars 2: Stephanie.9073

World of Warcraft: Stargrace#1783; Dalaran server (horde) Argent Dawn (alliance) – US

Wurm Online: Stargrace; Xanadu server

Steam: Stargrace

3DS: 0731-5491-6885

One thought on “Currently Playing”
  1. Hello.
    I am a fan of vanguard also. I have been playing an emulator currently in very early alpha. As you where a guide when it was live , maybe you could pop over to forum for vgo emulator and or discord chat. I am sure the devs there would appriciate having your input.

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