Little Sock Arms (5)

Progress on the sleeves! I have four more repeats of 5 rows then I’m on to the ribbing (then I need to repeat the entire thing for the other sleeve) – once those are done, all that’s left is to finish the yoke and this sweater will be done. If I dedicate a little bit of time for it each day, I’m hoping I can finish it before the end of the month. We’ll just have to see how that goes. Normally I knit in the evenings, but I have been so tired I haven’t had the energy to do too much. My kid is in love with the colours, and she may get a year or two of use out of it I hope before she out grows it, as kids tend to do.

Little Sock Arms (4)

Progress on the sleeves is coming along! I’ve got 7 more rounds of 5 to go, every 5 rows (approx) is a colour change, and then I’ve got the cuff and of course the second sleeve. After that it’s the collar, and then this sweater for my kid will be complete! Hopefully. I’m trying to be better and get at least a few rows done each day. Working with fingering yarn is always a drag on larger projects and I’ve been feeling quite tired so it has been taking me longer than I was hoping.

Little Sock Arms (3)

I’ve got 50 more rows to knit (with a decrease every 5 rows) then I think the first sleeve will just need a ribbed cuff and and it will be completed! I’m looking forward to starting the second sleeve, hopefully this week. After that I believe all that’s left is the yoke / collar, and then this sweater for my kid will be officially completed.

Knitting this is a big deal, because it will actually be my first completed project of 2023. As much as I wanted to do a lot more knitting, life got in the way. Still, it’s better than nothing!

Hobbies – Round One: Knitting (Little Sock Arms 1)

There are a lot of things I enjoy doing besides video games. For the longest time, I thought there were too many other things I enjoyed doing, and I would actively try to narrow them down only to feel their lure once again after some time had passed. Unfortunately, I do not have all of the free time in the world, and trying to make sure I dedicate time to everything rarely ever happens. One of the main hobbies in my life is knitting (and other fiber related activities, including spinning) and above is a sweater in progress that I’m knitting for my 5 year old daughter. Eventually it will have rainbow striped arms, and it might even be completed in time for use this fall / winter. I’m knitting it in fingering weight yarn which is perfect for socks but takes FOREVER for garments. I think the last time I knit such a garment I swore I’d never do it again – and yet, here I am.

I try to knit for at least 30m-1h each day, but if I can’t manage that even 10 minutes is enough to see a bit of progress. I feel like if I can just dedicate a little bit of time each day to the hobbies I enjoy, then slowly over time I might see results. Whether those results are getting better in a craft, or a completed piece, depends on the craft.

I love talking to other fiber lovers about the hobby, too. I love sharing projects, seeing what others are up to, and learning what yarns they enjoy using. I have any close friends who spin yarn, but I do know a handful who knit or crochet. It’s a subject I could go on about for some time. One of my major motivators is this blog, DailyCreativeThing. I’ve been following it for years now and it always makes me smile.

Have a crafty blog to suggest? Let me know in comments and I’ll add it to my to-read pile.