What Happened to Playing WoW?

I’ve been playing WoW almost exclusively for the past 8 years, and prior to that, off and on. I love the market, and collecting mounts/toys/pets would keep me logging in each day.

Unfortunately I’ve been less-than-enthralled with the course the game has been taking. First with the ‘fortnite-esc’ Plunderstorm event, and now with the Pandaria Remix announcement. My major issue with these events is the time-gated nature of them, and the fact that they remove players from the general world / server and place them in a closed off system. I don’t get to play any of my already established characters, and I feel no connection to them because they are quite temporary, used simply to grind through content and pass it on to my main.

I know a lot of people are very excited about this content, and that’s wonderful. It’s just not for me. I’m also currently in The War Within alpha, but I haven’t nosed around too much yet. Aside from logging in for market reasons, I haven’t really found the desire to play, and I haven’t attempted S4 at all (which is unusual, I eagerly reached 2500+ rating in the prior 3 seasons). I know this feeling of stagnation will pass, it always does, but in the meantime I’m just not spending that much time in Warcraft. I log in each day to list/relist and then I log out. Of course spring has also FINALLY arrived, so I’m spending lots of time outside with the minions and getting the garden ready. This year it went from winter->summer in the span of a week, something I’m slowly getting used to as being the new ‘norm’.

In any case, I just wanted to let my WoW readers that I am still around, keeping an ear to the ground on what is happening out there – and I still love the game, but it’s a good time to take a little break before the fun starts again in TWW.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Weekly Review [Apr14-Apr20]

This was certainly a week for transmog sales! Some unusual ones at that. I sold a Flaming Quartz Staff for almost 800k (there were some for sale on other servers at 50k) which was the largest single sale. One Blackrock Bulwark, a Warchief kilt, and some Emberfire Shoulders. Down at the bottom of the list was a few pets, but nothing to really write home about. I managed to sort through all of my inventory (minus recipes, I still need to distribute recipes to my AH characters), and S4 is quite literally just around the corner which will hopefully bring about a lot of excitement. I’m almost close to finishing off the Plunderstorm renown (at the time of this post I’m level 35, which means I only have 5 more to go) and I should be able to complete that with time to spare (I believe the event ends on April 30th). I did manage to reach my goal of collecting all of the battle pets, that was the main reason I was working on Plunderstorm at all.

In preparation for S4 I am doing – nothing. I don’t deal in commodity, so I’m not stocking up the shelves or anything of the sort. I don’t have it in me to partake in the AH PVP that goes on when everything goes live – I probably WILL partake in crafting though and I’ll stick my main crafters in the city so they can complete craft orders. I also hope to pick up the new recipes (PVP, mostly) and get a head start on that stuff. Materials are constantly cheap so I’m not buying anything ahead of time. That could change if I see a sudden spike, but I’m not expecting it.

I will be playing my demon hunter for S4 (I played her for S1 and S3, but played my evoker for S2 which I sort of regret). I know everyone is very excited about The War Within alpha / beta stuff but I’m trying to avoid spoilers (it doesn’t always work, but I’m making an effort at least). Anything you’re particularly excited about? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming – no matter where you find yourself!

Er, OK?

I’m not really sure how it happened, or why, but someone that I’m not familiar with randomly sent me 300+ items. It’s a character I don’t advertise, I don’t talk to anyone else, and I just use for auction house sales. I wrote them a letter back and said this must be a mistake, and I returned all of the mail to them in case this is some weird plot involving nefarious schemes in Warcraft. I honestly have no idea.

Anyone else have a strange interaction like this? Just odd Warcraft things I guess!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Recipe Collecting (one faction at a time)

While we wait for S4 (or Pandaria Remix, or both) to get started, I’ve been working on completing my recipe collections (at least for horde, alliance will be a task for another time). A lot of recipes require faction that I do not have at exalted on my demon hunter (my LW/JC character) so I’ve been working through the list. Yesterday that meant I was working with The Sons of Hodir, and doing quests in Wrath of the Lich King. That one was pretty painless, I did a series of quests in Storm Peaks, and then unlocked the NPC who takes faction bits. The bits were only 90s each, so I bought 1.5k and easily earned my exalted status. Afterward I picked up the two recipes I needed, a few transmog pieces, and two mounts that I didn’t have.

Next I’m working on getting faction with Cenarion Circle, so I’m out in the old version of Silithus, questing. Eventually I’ll start turning in my encrypted text that I’ve been collecting, and that should add another 10 recipes to my LW collection.

Unfortunately some recipes are no longer in game with no way to obtain them (wild leather helmet, I’m looking at you) so unless things change I’ll always be missing a few, but in the meantime, at least I have a bit of direction in the game again.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Weekly Review [Apr7-Apr13]

There are some days where I just don’t feel like posting auctions. In the last year, those days have been pretty rare, but they do occasionally happen. I think it’s important to take breaks when you feel this way, and not feel pressured into continuing on in the same way if you’re not really into it. The slump I’ve felt while waiting for S4 is as good a time as any for a few days off here and there, I figured. The earnings for the week show that, with a weak 7.7 million earned in that time frame. I know, that’s actually a fair amount of gold still for the average player, but it is a few million below my personal average.

Patterns have started picking back up, whether it’s from collectors or people preparing for S4, I’m glad to see the uptick. Another blackrock bulwark made the list – this time for well above my usual average, it sold at 846k. A Tuskarr kite made the list too, which is great because for a while there the price had been incredibly low as Blizzard was just giving them away.

A small number of pets sold this round, but that’s probably because I need to restock and level up a few more. Armored Vaultbot, Jadefire Spirit, and the rare Indigo. I also managed to sell a mageweave bandage manual, I think it was the first time I’ve seen one sell in all the times I’ve listed it. Thank you collectors!

Blizzard just announced that Plunderstorm will be ending on April 30th, and that there’s double reputation gains until then – thank goodness. I’m currently sitting at renown 29, and I feel like I can easily reach 40 before the 30th if I just keep plodding along with my 1 renown a day. In the meantime, I’m hunting for my final LW recipe (it’s going for 1.9 million gold, and I’m reluctant to spend it in case Blizzard returns it in the future) hoping to catch it on a snipe. Aside from that, things are quiet.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!