Raiding, Adventuring, and Having a Good Time

What have I been up to in EQ2 lately, you may ask. Well. Things have been pretty busy – which is a sure indication of why I haven’t been keeping up as steadily with my posts as I should be! I have deadlines for work looming in and that always makes for some sporadic posting as well as a lot of real life happening at the moment. Things should settle back down in a few weeks (just in time for them to take off again, as always).

I’ve joined up with a new guild on Oasis, and I’ve been busy trying to get comfortable – which is harder then it sounds. All 12 of my EQ2 characters are over there now, and I’m happy that I seem to have at least broken myself from the multi server gaming habit. It was just getting too hard to be in three places at once and I was constantly left feeling as though I was letting someone down by not playing with them on their server. What’s the point if I’m not having any fun myself. I’ve added three of my characters to the new guild, my mystic, the dirge, and my paladin (mostly so I could grind crafting writs). So far things are going nicely. I got to explore Erudian Research Halls with them, and on Wednesday we did Ward of Elements, which was fun (especially since most of us were 90 and hence the zone was green).

The dirge is now level 88, and half way through 89. I’m excited, although I have a LOT of work to do on this character still. She only has 112 aa and that hurts very badly. That’s what you get from power leveling though. The paladin is also at level 82, almost 83, and I’ve been doing battlegrounds with her which I quite enjoy. There’s something decidedly satisfying about taunting attackers off of your dps so that your dps can cause their heads to explode. I’ve got her wearing the level 80 set of PvP gear, which doesn’t do much for me in terms of PvE, but that’s alright.

Crafting has taken a small back seat while I just roam around Norrath looking for trouble. I’ll get back to it before too long no doubt, as I’d really like all 9 crafters at level 90. We’ll just have to see how that goes.

In the mean time, it’s FRIDAY and I’m looking forward to hearing about everyone and their adventures at PAX East this weekend. I won’t be attending – but I WILL be going to the SOE Fan Faire in August. Hope to see everyone there!

Spirit’s Resonance

Sentinel’s Fate has a lot of instances, which is something I quite enjoy. Although I don’t like having a billion different type of tokens clogging up my shared bank. That’s a story for another day. Today I got to adventure through Spirit’s Resonance, which is basically an instanced replica of “The Hole” (which is contested). One of the great things about this zone is that there are a LOT of quests associated with it.

Plus the Mark of Manaar quest, which grants you a token (of course).

There are a few things to make note of as you explore through this instance. Number one. You’ll have a quest that requires you to trap a bug – you get a bag in your inventory in order to do this. Well. DON’T TRAP THE KEY MOB which also happens to be one of those little beetles in the graveyard. Woopsie. That’s what happened to my group yesterday as we made our way down there.In fact the more people who /bug this the better, so that we can have the key mob flagged differently and people can’t go scooping it up as a quest update.

The last mob in the instance was probably the one I enjoyed the most (SPOILER INC):

Every 20% the mob will discombobulate someone and you’ll have to run to the back of the room where you’ll see some book shelves. You’ll be in the form of another creature, much like the void beast fight in TSO where each group member takes possession of a different creature. You’ll have to kill 3 rounds of books, with 3 mobs in each encounter. If you don’t, bad things happen to your group. It is a random person who is selected every 20% so have fun with that. I was chosen twice on my bard, and the healer was also chosen twice. The best part is that as you’re morphed into some other creature, the group gets to kill a version of you. Mean while, the “mob” speaks as you, much like they do in Unrest. So I’m working on killing the books in the back of the room, and my NPC version of me is asking who is parsing the encounter, and if anyone wants to head to Blackburrow afterward. It was great.

I managed to gain a few more upgrades for the troubador as well. She’s slowly inching her way away from being an int / str based caster, and over to the new agi scheme that was implemented for scouts with the release of Sentinel’s Fate. I’m also just a smidgen away from getting UT finally, so maybe I won’t be so disliked. Ok so my guild has been pretty great at letting me tag along despite the fact that I don’t have UT, but it’ll still be great to have.

Happy gaming, I’ll see you in Norrath!

A Little Bit of Everything

Another day of ‘not much going on in game’ since I was so busy doing other things on Friday but today should be a good day of gaming. I’ve been meaning to play a little more Sims 3, but haven’t managed to find the time (yet). Soon! I did dip into Wizard 101 for a fair amount yesterday, my Life / Storm wizard hit level 20 and did some awesome battles. I’ve also encountered a few dungeons now – that I can’t beat what so ever. It was still fun! I redeemed my facebook code and earned 1,000 gold which makes me able to afford the smaller house in Wizard City, but I’m thinking of saving up for a home of a different world. I haven’t quite decided yet. My Myth / Death wizard also managed to snag a few levels and is sitting just shy of level 10. I’ve been completing the Wizard City quests with her and she’s obtained some really awesome house items that the higher level wizard missed out on since they came after I’d completed the quests.

In EQ2 I plan on getting a few crafting levels (carpenter hopefully), doing a few instances (the boys should be around I believe, which will be great) and maybe I can finally get that transmuting up to 350+ which will let me begin to transmute T8 gear. Then it’s time for adornments!

What is everyone else up to this weekend? Any good games on the list? Once things have calmed down a little more I should have a little time in LotRO (I have a free month incoming) since that tapered down some. The game is great, but it just feels (to me) exactly like every other fantasy MMO out there, and I’m already playing three of those (EQ, EQ2, VG). I still love the look and love my character, but without an infinite amount of time to be able to play everything I want to play, something has to take a back seat.

Other then that, quiet weekend. Happy gaming and I’ll see you in Norrath!

Coercer 2.0 hits 80, Instances, and.. more Instances!

Yesterday was a mixture of real life with some gaming which of course made for a perfect Saturday. There was the announcement that Free Realms was sending out beta invites, and then a mass amount of shopping that involved a wii fit, and a nintendo DSi with a few games (used, and cheap!) and other random goodness before I settled in to game on Kithicor.

I had so much fun I don’t even know exactly what we did. I know we started off with our usual Obelisk run (and again no shield – that one dagger and crusader shield that drops has dropped enough to outfit a small army by now) followed by us attempting to solo some TSO instances – this time Lavastorm. We did pretty well in Najena’s Hollow Tower, we defeated the gnome by burning down the bombs (I charmed a warlock pet, MUCH fun!) and then moved on to the djin water elemental named and once we figured out how to do this with three people it worked out just fine. Honestly that’s as far as we needed to get anyhow, there’s a cloak that drops from that particular mob that Wpus is looking to get, and it was nice to know we can trio him. 

Afterwards we attempted Deep Forge, but that zone is a little out of our grasp yet. The coercer was inching closer to 80 (hovering around 70% experience for quite some time) so we completed the three Commonlands void quests mentored – and then since we had no lock out for Cavern of the Afflicted, we decided to gather a group together and complete it the ‘big kid’ way. 

I wouldn’t be playing the coercer for this, just the mystic. So I took the coercer to East Freeport and purchased 15p worth of collections . Finally!

The coercer (my 2nd, and 3rd enchanter) managed to hit level 80. She had 40 void shards waiting for her that I’ve collected over time, so it was no trouble to have my mystic craft her almost the complete T1 set. I know a lot of coercers complain that the set is not that great, but when you don’t raid and are still wearing mastercrafted, it comes in handy. Plus it looks fantastic (screen shots some other time hopefully). Despite the fact that I love being able to charm things I am contemplating betraying her over to an illusionist. The group buffs are much more suited for my play style. I’m not certain yet, it will depend on whether or not I can track down a sage. 

I also spent some time talking with Troy  from Emerald Tablet who happens to play on the Kithicor server. Was nice to say hello after ‘speaking’ a few times on twitter. 

Afterwards I wasn’t quite ready to call it a night, so we decided to head to Vaults and see if we couldn’t get another praetor’s guard to drop. Granted, it’s taken us a good 20 tries to get the one to drop that we actually got, so I didn’t hold much hope. Good thing, since it eluded us once more. Maybe next time!

Before I knew it the clock was telling me it was 2am and I had to get up at 6am Blast those enjoyable evenings! Today is Easter Sunday and I’m looking forward to a great dinner with family, I hope everyone else has had an amazing weekend thus far, and enjoy yourself, where ever you end up spending your time!

See you in Norrath!

Friday Night Instances

It’s a lot easier to get groups in EQ2 then it is to get groups in EQ. Sure, they happen but people pretty much stick to doing the hot zones and a few missions that are required for access. In EQ2 there are void shard groups constantly ongoing and even a few pick up raids if you’re so inclined. Although Kithicor has a very elitist view when it comes from doing instances and who is good enough  to do them. The channels are filled with people trying to one up each other by linking their gear and teasing those who may not be as well geared as them. On that note, it’s rare that my little trio actually wants to join three other people because from appearances we don’t fit the mold of ‘cool’ people. My mystic doesn’t even have her epic, we’re not mastered out, and our gear is a mish mash of quested and void shard armor. Not bad by any means, but not ‘uber’ enough to roll with the big kids who are constantly going on about 6-10k parses and linking all of their fabled. 

We started out last night with our daily Ahkzul run (again no shield) and it went a little rough. The bouncy room didn’t seem so friendly but on the plus side the giant void creatures didn’t hit us with any AoE and that was nice. One huge upside to playing my coercer as my main and then leaving the mystic as the background / laptop character. Coercers get lots of stuns (though I’m thinking of betraying her over to illusionist, more on that later). After we were done we figured why not try to snag three other people and go do Anathema for some shards. 

Our group make up was not your typical group and I had a lot of doubts I’ll admit. It consisted of the trio (myself as 80 mystic, Ultann the 80 shadowknight, and Wpus the 80 conjuror) and then an 80 guardian (Ultann tanked so the guardian was dps), an 80 warlock, and an 80 brigand. No power regen (not needed with Wpus’ power procs) and no mezer (hopefully not needed). We did surprisingly well, we wiped once due to one of the ghost children spawning an add directly on top of me when we were already involved in a difficult encounter, and the rest went smooth. The three others died a few times from various agro issues (that’s why there’s a threat meter folks!) and AoE’s but we escaped unscathed and collected our two shards. 

I managed to get the mystic her 3rd piece of T2 void shard armor, a nice pair of pants. This leaves her with 2 pieces of T1 and 3 pieces of T2, so she’s getting the set bonus from each. The effect on the pants is a nice overloaded heal (which also happens to be her 5 set bonus) so I was pleased with the upgrade. 

Not ready to call it a night quite yet, we decided to go to Scion of Ice next except no matter how hard we looked we couldn’t find three others to round out the group. Apparently we’d managed to catch cooties on our last run. Wpus, our fearless leader, decided that we would attempt this zone un-mentored, with just the three of us. 

I was sceptical but never one to back down from a challenge decided sure why not. 

It was an intense run. I ended up bringing along the coercer for stuns and power regen and to mez one of the encounters that has two sphynx that you’ve got to defeat. We actually managed to clear the entire zone, including the named at the entrance just the three of us. I was impressed. I was beyond impressed. It was a lot of fun and although the zone seems to drop a million cloaks and nothing more I was really proud that we’d defeated it. It also gives us another instance that we can defeat for shards if we can’t fill out a group. 

After that victory we decided to complete the shard quest for The Crucible, it was getting late and I knew we probably wouldn’t be able to beat that zone (at least not the final mob that requires people to click objects from the ground as you fight a named) but the void shard quest was to kill 15 creatures within, and the void shard chest is on the first floor so it was simple enough. Today we’re going to attempt the Lavastorm instances and then perhaps the ones in Commonlands just to see how far we can get in them. It’s great to feel so challenged and to get as far as we have in zones that can pose as cumbersome to people. Sure, I don’t see us trioing Veksar or Guk any time soon, but in the mean time this has been really rewarding and pleased that some times it’s NOT all about what gear you have and it really is about the player knowing their class.