Yesterday I wrote about how I wanted a new Tengu fit, and that I had spent the evening cobbling one together that did what I wanted it to do (ie: things I actually enjoy) – and then I took it out and played with it in some HS combat sites. I lucked out.

The first site I scanned down was called ‘Serpentis Lookout‘ – and what’s most important about this site is that there is ore here that you normally cannot get in high sec.

  • Scarcity Update: This site, like other cosmic signatures, contains ore.
  • As of 15 February 2021, this site contains the following units:
  • First room: 3x 5,000 Hemorphite (15,000 units, 45,000m³), 25,000 (50,000m³) Jaspet
  • Second room: 85,727 Omber (51,436m³), 835,762 Plagioiclase
  • 3,192,395 Veldspar (throughout)
  • The acceleration gate permits expedition frigates, exhumers, and the Orca to enter the site. An Orca and Skiff were sufficient to kill all NPCs present.
  • Warning: Once the Boss has been destroyed, the site disappears from the Probe Scanner.
  • Once this happens, the site will despawn immediately if you abandon the site.
  • Keeping at least one character in the site will prevent the despawn.

While mining after the site is complete, an additional frigate may occasionally spawn.

Since I was in my home system, it made things pretty easy. I started working away on collecting the ore once I dispersed of the site, and then that little tidbit at the bottom about the additional frigate happened. Well.

When I killed and looted that frigate, I managed to pick up an additional 44,000,000 ISK worth of value. That brought the total value of this single HS site to over 100,000,000 ISK – That was the biggest payout I had in HS to date. My overall ISK gained for the day (between a few sites, industry, etc) was: 349,904,003 and all of it was done in HS. Peanuts compared to the big guys, but I’m less than a month back in game, and I was so excited! I know there’s all sorts of comments about folks who live in HS, and I hear about how the ISK/h is very low – but none of that really matters when I’m enjoying myself playing the game the way I want. Overall, the entire day was just a gigantic win.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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