When people talk about EVE Online, I’m always surprised at how many different ‘things’ the game is to each individual. To some, it’s a PVP game. To others, it’s an industry game, and for some – EVE is a game about exploring, and discovery (it can also be a game of all of these things, that’s the point). It’s no surprise that I fall into the later categories, and to be honest I’ve always felt a bit awkward, like I wasn’t “playing the game right” because I’ve got zero interest in blowing up other people. I am glad there are many different ways for each person to play, but I never truly felt comfortable doing what I enjoy, in a corporation setting.

Then I heard about Signal Cartel. A neutral corporation who helps players who are lost in space, no matter their standings. They thrive on exploration, and the more I read about their credo the more interested I was. I hummed and hawed over the decision for a month and then decided to take the plunge. I got an invite. I joined. I met people. I tended to my first EVE-Scout cache, and for the first time in 15+ years I felt like I was HOME in EVE. It’s not a ‘safe’ choice, since Signal Cartel does get wardec’d frequently, and let’s face it this is EVE, but right from the start, it felt like the right choice for me. If you’re not sure if your current corporation is the ‘right’ fit – then go out and find one that is. I promise such a thing exists, it just takes a bit of time to wade through everything first.

After I joined, very little changed in my day to day except that I had more purpose (and a lot of reading). I was already jumping into WH and mapping – that continues. Now I can tend the caches that are placed for lost pilots while I’m already out and about. Industry is a nice background activity, and I continue to do that, too. I’m hoping that this ends up being my ‘home’ for a good long time, we’ll just have to see.

As always, fly safe o7!

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