This week, instead of doing any mining, I decided to just jump out of bed and find a wormhole. In fact it’s safe to say I have done ZERO mining this week – and that’s a good thing. I’ve mostly been looking for C1/C2 just to get familiar with them. They’re a bit quieter (I find, maybe I’m wrong) and I was lucky enough yesterday to find some relic/data sites within. As I was headed to one in my Helios I spotted a gigantic monolith just silently floating past. You’ll have to ignore the tactical overlay I have displaying with it, since I was headed to a relic cache I didn’t have time to stop and taking any really scenic screenshots.

I also wanted to try my hand at gas huffing / ore mining within a WH – but the one gas site I found said in the notes that I shouldn’t even bother. So I didn’t. I’m also not completely happy with my venture fit, so I need to play around with that a bit too.

I did manage to set up two alts and have them each training for 1 month, since my latest subscription bundle came with MCT (multi-character-training) for 30 days. If nothing else I’ll get them situated for PI and they can supplement my drone crafting.

I also picked up a BPC yesterday while at the relic site, nothing especially fancy, but the crafted item costs 1.5m in supplies, and sells for close to 3m, so I’m pretty happy with that sort of gain. It’s little consistent gains over time that I’m looking for. I also set up a spreadsheet (of course I did) to monitor my ISK gains/expenses, as I play the game I’m hoping to get more familiar with the market just like I did in Warcraft. Of course, for that game I have 19 years of experience, and in EVE I don’t think I’ve ever really stuck with it for more than a month or two. It might even be safe to say that this particular adventure I’m on right now is the longest I’ve continuously played.

I’m still meandering through the stacks and stacks and stacks of information provided by Signal Cartel, but I’m getting to know people and settling into some routine when it comes to corp life, too. So far it feels like a very comfortable fit, and I really enjoy having a purpose in WH that benefits everyone else. I watched a few videos on hug fleets, and it all just makes me smile.

Fly safe o7

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