Most of my adventures in EVE happen in high sec because after attempting to pass through low sec and getting instantly blapped I had zero desire to interact with that portion of the game. It just wasn’t fun playing a game where everyone else seemed to know the rules, and I knew nothing.

These days things are a bit better. I’m still learning those rules, but survival is the name of the game. Most of my recent days are spent in nullsec (jspace, wormholes) which I find much safer than low sec. I’ve been trying to get more familiar with these aspects of EVE, and the best way to do that is to put yourself into those types of situations (almost like exposure therapy). So yesterday, I found myself a quiet C2 system, and decided on a whim that it was time for me to attempt some of the combat sites within. All of my combat to date has been in high sec, scanning down anomalies and doing L4 missions.

I don’t really know much about WH sites. I had to look up the one I decided to attempt, and I guess it was a C2 sleeper site? The loot was OK, and while my tanking was fantastic, my DPS felt a bit slow. Something to work on I suppose. Anyway, I cleared the site (all the while frantically checking d-scan, expecting an angry swarm of attackers to scan me down and blap me again) and then I scanned down the rest of the hole, wondering what other trouble I could get into. I found a gas site, and decided that with the little bit of free time I had left over, I might as well do some huffing (that’s the name for gas harvesting).

I’d never done it before, and while my alt account can use the covert ops ship for huffing, I can’t use the good scoops (harvest modules) and on my main account I can’t use the ship (I need 9d of training still) but I can use the fancy scoops. I swapped over to the cheaper venture, deciding that I didn’t need the covert ops cloak that bad since I had been in the system for quite some time and not seen anyone – and I was hyper aware of anything that moved, so I was hoping I’d have time to get away if someone did show up.

I set a timer so I knew when the rats would show up at the gas site – and when they did, I swapped out again for the exploration Tengu I have. After that little adventure I decided to step into an adjoining WH, but there were a few ships on d-scan so I didn’t stick around too long. One was a Helios (appropriately named Dora the Explorer) and the other was a navy issued combat ship (I’ve forgotten the name). Still, it was a nice gaming session where I felt I had accomplished quite a bit that was ‘new’ to me. Now I just need to keep up with it.

Fly safe o7

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