Well, March isn’t nearly as profitable as February, but things are starting to trend upwards again which is always nice. Plunderstorm (I hate it, there’s a post on it around here somewhere) grinders are completing that and moving on to the next thing, maybe spending some gold here and there. I still really dislike the fact that Plunderstorm takes players OUT of the regular warcraft world (whether it is classic or retail) and puts them in a lobby instead. Splitting the player base EVEN FURTHER is a bad idea. Anyway, that’s not what we’re here for. Let’s get back to making gold!

The biggest sellers were my originals – pets and recipes. Transmog moved VERY slowly with only a few moving this week. I do have a bunch of pets I need to get to 25 some time, but the weather has been pretty sporadic and I have been losing power, so I’ve been doing non-online activities (gasp).

Unstable Frostfire belt, Frostfire legguards of preparation, titanic leggings, and steelgrip gauntlets – all of these were popular recipes. The most popular pet this week was the enchanted broom & bush chicken. I always love to see those selling.

Most of my ‘free’ time in game has been spent trying to earn my 1 renown & posting auctions, so I haven’t had a lot of other stuff going on. I’m looking forward to season 4, but things are absolutely in slow mode as far as sales and game play at the moment.

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