Willamina and Gack

This eccentric gnome, is Willamina Woozlecogbit the 4th. A necromancer by choice, sort of. Her parents discouraged her from any involvement in the dark arts as she grew up. Which of course, like anything forbidden, caused her to seek it out further. She’s my newest alt character, seeing as late I have felt nothing but restless. I made her in the hopes of settling down some what, though it’s yet to happen. She’ll be my sage, and I’ve already spent quite a bit “twinking” her out, which means to say I browsed through the broker and bought items that she would not have normally come across at her level. One of the perks of having a higher level character (or two, or three). I’m not certain of her entire roleplay persona yet, I’m sure it will develop along the way. I looked for a class that had some soloability to it, and necromancers certainly do. Granted she won’t be off taking down heroics like they once used to, but she can handle things on her own fairly well at least.

Calicia is now a 27 bruiser. Lots of fun. Also a 20 tailor. Ricotta a 25 jeweler. Perhaps part of my restlessness comes from the fact that I have 4 mid 20 characters on the go right now, which means that they are all doing things I have already done with the previous ones, and it’s just one repetitive cycle of leveling and exping. I envy those who can create one character, or even two, and stick with them for so long without a break. I’ve never been like that, even on EQ1 I had a plethora of alts that I would randomly log on to play. I wish I could settle. Suggestions? If they’re out there, feel free to share.

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