I recently decided it was time to re-spec my warden’s ap’s. The picture above is what I have them at currently. In the past, I had gone fully down the wisdom line, which gives a self rez, main reason I had used it. However, after going down that chain for a few months now, I’ve decided it was not worth it as a raider. Why? Well, in most cases it did more harm then good, I would instantly self rez after a death and die again from agro that had not cleared yet, so twice a fight instead of just once. It was handy in groups, a quick rez where I could be back on my feet to take over heals, but just not worth it. I also decided not to go down the wisdom line at all, my wisdom is well over the cap already (510 is the cap at level 70) and the extra wisdom is just wasted.

So what did I decide to take instead? I went fully down the stamina line, placing 8 points into the first section since wardens do not get any hp buffs at all (which sucks might I add), and I went all the way down to the end, which allowes the warden to become immune to stuns for 30 seconds, every 5 minutes. A lot of raids have mobs that stun, aoe or some times a bad frontal that you may have got caught in if the MT went down or were standing in the wrong place. I figured I’d give this line a try and see how it went. I also decided to go part way down the strength line, for my solo’ing days. I own a fabled 1h sword which is good for solo’ing with, and have 20% double attack, as well as 26% haste attack, and a 450 point heal that can go off for the group with a 10% chance. Sounded pretty good to me. None of the other lines really appealed to me at all.

I love the idea of achievement points, veterans from eqlive (eq1) remember these as aa’s (alternative advancement) and they give your character a small amount of customization. Problem is, you don’t really get a chance to play around with them. If you want to respec (re-do) your ap line, you have to pay. Each time you want to do it the cost goes up. This time, I paid 1p for Silverstep to respec. If she chooses to do it again, the cost is 10p. There’s no way I am ever going to pay that amount to respec. So I’m hoping that if I don’t like this chain of skills, November’s expansion pack will give players a free respec. I don’t think the cost is fair, I think that if you have kept the same ap line for a certain amount of time, the cost should go down. Say in three months if you have kept the same line, the cost goes back to the original price of 1s or whatever it is. There’s no way you can play around with every combination to find the one that suits you. On the same line, if you change from a raider to a casual player, or vice versa, your ap lines would typically change, and you may not be able to afford to change them.

The cap right now for ap’s is 50, you can have no more then that. I’m looking forward to November, when apparently the cap will be raised to 100, with the Gods coming to Norrath. We’ll have to see, it’s a lot of speculation on my end about what these will be like.

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