Level: 50
Starting Zone: The Living Tombs (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Orus’Dakh

– This quest is intiated by speaking to Orus’Dakh in the Living Tombs (-325,+520) after completing the “Auxiliary Service” quest. It is part of the lengthy Peacock Club quest series. If Orus is not up you can spawn him by placing the 5 runes into the Orus’Un Monolith.

  • Rune of Ahk
  • Rune of Duak
  • Rune of Hek
  • Rune of Kan
  • Rune of Orus

– He will ask you to gather a few ground spawn objects in the Residence Court area of the Living Tombs. Each object can spawn in two different locations.

  • Bottle of Spoiled Wine (-300,+416) or (-382,+424).
  • Bucket of Spoiled Meat (-284,+409) or (-276,+354).
  • Crock of Spoiled Cheese (-353,+500) or (-301,+509).
  • Pot of Spoiled Coffee (-545,+457) or (-487,+372).
  • Pot of Spoiled Soup (-391,+477) or (-354,+369).
  • Spoiled Peacock Eggs (-437,+475) or (-391,+477).

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