Level: 50
Starting Zone: The Silent City (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Item Triggered

– This quest is obtainable after you complete the “Seal of the Sea” quest. You also must have completed the Peacock quest series through “From Hands of Stone.” The quest is obtained by clicking the open book next to the western elevated pool at the center console of the main room as you enter the Silent City (+174,+415).

– The first step is to visit a few locations in the Silent City.

  • Serpent of Ah’Ran (on ledge by zone in from LT) (+75,+470).
  • Pool of Purity (pool in the center area up high, near the gnolls, going towadrs the Bath of
  • Bloodshed but up top) (+145,+375).
  • Bath of Bloodshed (pool in lower courtyard, square) (+145,+365).
  • Mouth of Arms (ledge in lower c/y, just north of LT zonein, looks like a toung in front of a doorway) (+70,+360).
  • Mouth of Rile (same as Arms, just on other side of the raised platform) (+220,+360).
  • Gate of the Sun (zonein from SS) (+145,+165).

– Search around the dead explorer. The scroll is just to the side at the Sinking Sands zone in.

– Completing this quest allows you to initiate the “An Offering and Peace” quest by clicking the Medallion of Urns you received at the end of the “Seal of the Sea” quest.

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