Level: 50
Starting Zone: The Living Tombs (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Malkonis D’Morte

– This quest is part of the Peacock Club series and is given by Malkonis D’Morte after you complete the “Undead Censership” quest. Malkonis is spawned by inspcting the Gargoyle at (-192,+294) in the Statue Court of the Living Tombs. He will give you a Stone Tablet. You must have completed the “Words of Pure Magic” language quest to be able to read this. If you have, then read it to advance the quest.

– Gather five runes from the Living Tombs. Each of this is obtained by examining an Urn in the Living Tombs. They are:

  • Hal: Ember of Ash Urn (-79,+440)
  • Ovu: Dust Ash Urn (-54,+355)
  • Tek: Cinder Ash Urn (-165,+475)
  • Tol: Soot Ash Urn (-144,+453)
  • Tumek: Sand Ash Urn (-193,+337)

– Inspect the Tumek’Un Monolith at (-105,+728) or (-106,+283). This will spawn Tumek’Toht. Speak with him.

– Gather 8 auto-updating pieces from Statue Wardens and 10 auto-updating pieces from Sulite Tjats.

– Fill two censers in the Living Tombs.

  • Censer of Voh (-74,+372)
  • Censer of Multan (-206,+379)

After this return to the Tumek’Un Monolith and speak to Tumek’Toht to complete the quest.

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