Level: 50
Starting Zone: Maj’Dul (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Item Triggered

– This quest is initiated by reading Seeker Abdeef’s Notes. These notes are rewarded to you after you complete the “Delving Into Darkness” quest.

– Speak to Phar’Ahkt in the Living Tombs. He spawns when the Ahk, Hek, Kan, Phar and Tal Runes are placed in the Phar’Un Monolith (-636,+120), but only speaks the language of the dead. He allows you to ask him many questions but only one of the branches will advance the quest, keep going until you get the update.

– Speak to the Steward of the Fyr’Un and ask him “What is the Ewer of Sul’Dae” to continue the quest line with the “Auxiliary Service” quest.

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