Level: 50
Starting Zone: Maj’Dul (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Item Triggered

– This quest is initiated by examining the skull that you receive at the end of the “Down to the Last Peacock” quest. After this you must visit Antiquator Kantus Mor’Tael in Maj’Dul (-240,+3). He will ask you to collect some wards in the Sinking Sands.

– The wards are random spawns but they spawn in particular areas of the zone. Known locations include:

  • Ward of Dissolution: In the Broog/giant area (-1028,-1173 or -1099,-1006 or -1022,-839 or -1136,-831).
  • Ward of Oblivion: Near the lizardmen (-334,-574 or -439,-551 or -349,-898 or -321,-896 or -411,-560 or -322,-888 or -221,-742 or -338,-654).
  • Ward of Ruin: (-394,-385 or -599,-359 or -487,-469 or -487,-490).
  • Ward of Ethernere: By the Eye of Anuk or near Meathooks (-952,-1169 or -1043,-1248 or -836,-1062 or -1031,-1299).
  • Ward of Necrosis: Near the gnolls (-510,-1096 or -451,-1012 or -370,-1328 or -486,-1229 or -319,-943 or -448,-1066 or -158,-1078).
  • Ward of Demise: By the chimney and tarantulas rune (-1176,-706 or -1189,-564 or -1024,-576 or -1104,-682 or -1090,-748 or -754,-726),

– They look like Y shapes symbols jutting out of the ground. After getting each of them return to the Antiquator. He will send you out to examine the Deathknell Pyre in the Sinking Sands (-603,-1143). This is the rock with all of the unliving skeletons near it.

– Once you examine the pyre you will need to kill 5 level 50+ skeletons within 3 minutes. There are Dry Bone Skeletons who are solo nearby, and heroic unliving skeletons who spawn near by.

– After killing them you must examine the Pyre again. This will spawn The Ghost of Hadal. Speak to him and collect your reward. This opens up the “A Final Note” quest.

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