Level: 50
Starting Zone: The Living Tombs (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Item Triggered

– This quest is a sub-quest for those on the “Undead Censership” quest. It is required to complete that quest, which is part of the Peacock Club series.

– Examin the Hidden Compartment at (-286,+151) in the Priestess Court. You must hit several switches in the Priestess Court and then return to the Hidden Compartment to close the quest. The switches are at:

  • (-346,+187) (By Varin N’Mar)
  • (-176,+182) (On top of building on the south side, in NW corner on the wall)
  • (-177,+64) (On top of the north building by the dervish tomb raiders, in the SW corner)
  • (-259,+92) (On the face of the north building by the rubble bashers)

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