Level: 47
Starting Zone: Maj’Dul (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Antiquator Kantus Mor’Tael

– This quest is given to you by Antiquator Kantus Mor’Tael in Maj’Dul after you have completed the “Damsel in Distress” quest.

– After speaking to the Antiguator inspect the book next to the box of bones you will have the option to enter Dalgin B’Dynn.

– 1st location is on Hullcrusher Rock to kill the Sage of Seas (-1870,-317). He will pop wen you get into the rock, careful of the sirens.

– 2nd location is in the croc cave at (-1239,-832). There is a grave stone you inspect to spawn the sage of shadows.

– 3rd location is a Ruined Aqueduct (-730,-520) for the Sage of Sandstorms.

– 4th location is to locate the tower of the dead (spectre tower at -1248,-96) and destroy the Sage of Whispering Death.

– 5th location is to Dalgin B’Dynn’s Demise (-1258,-1111) – swim north from the docks along the shore to the mouth of the Croc Cave.

– After this return to the Antiquator for your reward. This also opens up the “Welcome to the Peacock Club” quest by clicking the door at (-225,+82) in Maj’Dul.

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