Level: 50
Starting Zone: The Living Tombs (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Item Triggered

– This quest is initiated by examining a Makeshift Grave at (-318,+520) in the Living Tombs. This is on the road towards the Oily Wall. This will result in a Map that you must examine to initiate the quest. You must visit the following locations in the Living Tombs:

  • The Wall on way up to the Harp from the last quest (-477,+372).
  • The Aqueduct that leads to the Priestess Court (-354,+355).
  • Further along in the Aqueduct at (-344,+290).
  • Drop down into the Priestess Court and on the right hand side you receive the last update towards Varin at (-347,+188).

– Once you are in Priestess Court you must speak to Varin N’Mar on the right hand side of the aqueduct.

– Speak to Lect’Zadh to close the quest. He is spawned by placing the following runes at the Monolith at (-178,+162).

  • Rune of Ahk
  • Rune of Duak
  • Rune of Hek
  • Rune of Lect
  • Rune of Zoda

This results in your choice of rewards and opens up the “Undead Censership” quest.

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