I’ve been enjoying my time in WoW these days, I don’t know how long it will last (probably about as long as it ever lasts, 2-3 months before I move to another game for 2-3 months etc) but I’m enjoying it while I’m there. A few things changed this time while I’ve been playing. For the first time in 5 years I’m in an actual guild. A rather large one at that. They’re level 25 with over 600 members – and while I would typically be afraid of that sort of guild in this sort of game, the guild has some hard fast rules about maturity and profanity (the first being requested, the second being disallowed in guild chat) that have made my stay quite pleasant. They’re not hard core raiders but they’ve been known to raid as well, and they plan guild events. The web site is well designed and I will admit being in a level 25 guild (max for now) comes with some incredibly nice benefits. The experience bonus is lovely, but something I notice more is the bonuses to both harvesting and crafting skill ups.

I’ve been playing multiple alts (as always) and enjoying them all. I am still considering a warrior tank, but in the mean time I have a paladin who just hit level 40 and is holy spec’d. Out of all of the healers I have played at lower levels, the paladin is by far the easiest. I’ve never ran out of mana thanks to two specific spells, and I have yet to have to need a mana potion (unlike my druid of the same level, who has more mana, but is constantly running out). I’ve been feeling a bit of an itch to try my hand at tanking, but I’m still quite nervous, so we’ll just have to see how that goes. At the moment I’ve got:

  • Ellithia (85 discipline priest) enchanting / tailoring
  • Minxes (83 Affliction warlock) engineering / mining
  • Arysh (77 Restoration shaman) inscription / jewelcrafting
  • Velours (40 Holy paladin) herbalism / alchemy
  • Faydai (37 Restoration druid)
  • Seduisant (10 Assassination Rogue)

This week is Children’s Week! So I’ve been bringing my little orphan around Azeroth. Not exactly the safest of trips (at least some of them) but it’s fun and cute. Today I flew kites and ate ice cream with little orphan “Roo” and then I picked up little orphan “Randis” from Shattrah.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


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