Been a little while since my last post, I know. I haven’t been around online because I’ve been getting used to some new medication that has horrible side effects, thankfully I’m feeling almost back up to my usual self, and that means I should be back to posting on a regular daily basis some time this week.

SOE games are still down, and we really have no ETA on when they’ll be back up. That means my adventures in EQ and Vanguard have been put on hold until further notice, and my desire to create via player housing (so soon after multi housing was released too, what a shame) goes unscratched. In the mean time I’ve taken myself back to World of Warcraft, where I play Alliance on the Argent Dawn server. I’ve started up a guild there (Dragon Flight) and if anyone else is looking for a place to hang out then please feel free to look me up. My characters there are:

Kameeko (warrior), Faydai (druid), Ellithia (priest), Arysh (shaman), Seduisant (rogue), Velours (paladin), and Minxes (warlock).

The guild is only level 1 right now, and blizzard makes it quite hard to level up a guild that has only 2-3 members, but I’m persistent and hope to at least reach level 5 eventually. We’ve done a few guild dungeon runs where I attempted to tank – and no one died so that’s a bonus. I feel more comfortable tanking (so far) on my paladin rather then my warrior, but I’m hoping maybe that changes over time. I think it’s because my paladin feels like she has more ‘to do’ to keep aggro, although it could certainly be because my warrior is currently only level 16. There’s something to be said about playing a ‘simple’ game that doesn’t require massive amounts of thinking in order to accomplish anything. I will admit another reason I’m happy to be back playing is that the game runs wonderfully on my laptop, which is a big deal to me while I’ve been feeling under the weather.

I have also played a little Rift, although not as much as I may have wanted to because I don’t think it will run that well on the laptop. In fact just before I started taking this new medication I removed a bunch of games from my acer because I didn’t think there was a point to them being there (games such as LotRO) and I now regret removing them since I enjoy having an option of multiple games to play (always the nomadic gamer that I am). In any case, WoW is going well. I enjoy doing dungeons, questing, working on guild achievements and crafting. I still haven’t been to the two new dungeons that were released with 4.1 but my priest is now able to queue for heroics (although I have yet to enter one) and that was quite exciting.

I hope everyone is doing well, no matter where you find yourself. Safe travels and happy gaming!

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