The paladin is 61 (closing in on 62) and experience has slowed down some what. At least as much as experience ever slows down in WoW when you’re wearing heirloom gear for experience bonuses. Being this level means a few (wonderful) things for me. First of all, I can finally fly. This makes questing and harvesting SO much easier. I am now in Outlands, exploring (once more) Hellfire Peninsula, but I’m on the alliance side for the first time and so things are at least a little different. Ok not so different that I can’t tell the exact horde counterpart, but different enough. I’ve still been tanking for pick up groups, and they’ve gone slightly better then the pre-60 dungeons. I disliked 55+ so much that I avoided doing dungeons all together and decided to quest my way to Outlands. It was simple, and quick. I think it was even faster then if I had of queued. I’ve tanked Hellfire Ramparts twice now, and both times the group moved smoothly, with only one (or two) mage deaths (ahem, Detch) from adds. The only down side I’ve really found with the paladin is that because my cool downs tend to be a little lengthly, it can some times be difficult to catch adds if I’m not expecting them. See, the problem is that everyone else has their AoE’s going off, and then more mobs add to the bunch, while those AoE’s go off – meaning that I barely have time to taunt or take aggro myself before the mobs are on someone else. When this happens I do my best to pull them off, but if my own AoE’s happen to be down for a moment it can get a bit hairy. I’m working on timing things better, and I know it will come with experience.

On the plus side most groups now have been patient enough to let me handle pulling, which is a huge relief. I was beginning to think that every single PUG in WoW was a hopeless cause, and I’m always eager to be proven wrong. Now that I’m 60+ I’ve slowed things down, prepared to take my time and enjoy my character while learning how to play her properly.

Although I’ll want to level up past 65 sooner rather then later, because my crafting (and harvesting) are capped at 375 until then. I’ve taken up alchemy and herbalism, the herbs come in handy for my inscription character (shaman). I had worked inscription to the cap once before but then (foolishly) dropped it for mining. After thinking about it I decided I really did want to keep inscription, and picked it back up. I’ve also maxed out my jewel crafting on the shaman, who is 78, and I’ve been busy doing dailies on her so she can purchase recipes and cut more gems.

Thanks to a generous gift from a friend I’m also sitting at 72 pets on my ‘main’ (the 85 priest) only three pets away from an achievement I’ve been after for quite some time. When I don’t feel like doing dungeons or interacting with a lot of other people I tend to work on these achievements – it’s not player housing, but it fills in the blanks just nicely.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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