Ah, how I love trying to figure out the puzzles in Rift. I have done a handful of them now, the one pictured above happens to be in Stillmoor – and I can’t actually open my reward from it until I hit 45, which I’m four bubbles away from. It was a fun puzzle, and I had even more fun plunging to my death before hand as I hunted the mountain side for cairns to loot. I stumbled into one and received another container that I can’t open until 45, along with a handful of goodies from a Rift I participated in.

The cleric is now level 44 (as I already mentioned) and although I thought leveling was going to slow down it hasn’t at all. I’m still averaging a level or two a day depending on how much I play, and I expect I’ll be 50 before the end of next weekend. I have also spent some time on my alts, although it has mostly been to craft. My level 14 rogue is a level 260 Outfitter, the 13 mage is a 250 Apothecary. I’ve been sending all of my cloth and leather to the Outfitter to make gear for my mage to runebreak, and got a few skill ups in that as well. I do also have a warrior sitting at level 2, and I’ll probably level her up to the same range as the other two alts before too long. It’s always nice to have a selection to play.

When I was bored of rifts and questing yesterday I decided to queue for some Warfronts. We won two instances of the snow-covered one (name escapes me at the moment) and lost The Black Garden (the one with the fang you have to capture). In fact I don’t think my cleric has ever won that Warfront. Guardians always seem much better then my defiant counter parts in these.

The guild hit level 6, and our goal for this week is to collect 150 artifacts. I think we’re up to 50 or so now, which isn’t too bad. Considering the guild only has a handful of active players, I’m quite pleased. One black mark on the weekend was that a guild mate had her account hacked, and the hacker decided to spend their time spamming open channels with web sites for gold selling. Honestly, how is that a good marketing ploy? Why would someone buy gold from you if you’re using hacked accounts to advertise? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Turns out that she was not the only one hacked, there were reports of numerous friends-of-friends being hacked over the weekend and also being used to advertise for this web site. Not good. Thankfully we were able to contact her by phone (my guild mates are mostly from my old EQ2 guild and are quite close) and her husband was able to kick the hacker off the account but Trion was also contacted and they locked the account until she could call and confirm it was hers on Monday. Fingers crossed that it will all work out.

I hope everyone else had an amazing weekend, no matter where you found yourself. Happy gaming!

One thought on “Puzzles, Warfronts, and Rifts – Oh My! #Rift”
  1. My experience is that once you get into the upper 20’s leveling gets as slow as it ever will. No level after that seemed to take any longer than any other. On the one hand, it’s kinda nice to not feel like your progressions has slowed to a crawl, but on the other. . .it does make it go by a bit faster than I expected.

    Still, since all dungeons become available level-appropriately at 50, it’s not like you’re really losing content, I suppose.

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