The cleric is still making her way through the snow covered Iron Peaks, and I managed to ding 46 last night, and part way through today. I spent some time in Stillmoor, but the method of leveling via quest grinding feels the same to me no matter what zone I’m in. I visit a camp, grab all the quests, head of to their various locations, kill/loot/explore whatever they sent me to seek out, return, and then rinse and repeat. Some times I wonder why these NPC wouldn’t just give me all of their quests that send me to ABC location in one fell swoop, instead of making me hike all of the way back out there. Again.

The latest round of quests all involve exploring these massive caverns, and taking apart various secret ceremonies and gatherings that have been going on inside. Problem is I have already been inside these giant caves for other reasons, and so they’re sending me back – again. Why couldn’t I have taken care of the issue the last time I was there! Unless of course I had to wait a little while because no one was home or they were on break, out for lunch, etc.

The guild is quite happy that I’m closing in on 50, and even happier that I’ve spoken up about wanting to heal. I’m looking forward to trying some T1 and then eventually T2. Thankfully healers get off pretty easily, the only stat they’re required to obtain is wisdom, which I have in spades.

Tiny pet peeve – even though I wear chain, and technically I can wear cloth and leather (in specific the armor sold by vendors around cities) my appearance armor can only be chain. If I can wear cloth in my regular slots (as well as leather) wouldn’t it make sense that I could also wear it in my appearance slot? Apparently this is not the case, which I learned the hard way after spending money on a nice looking set of leather.

I managed to participate in an invasion in Stillmoor yesterday, and right afterward a crafting rift – even managed to earn myself another artificer plaque. I was hoping to get a minor catalyst, but hey it’s better then nothing at all. The dailies I’ve been doing in Meridian have been a bit stingy with their plaques as of late and the daily crafting quests I complete never reward me anything special aside from a handful of common supplies and the rare extra craft component (like the ones you use to increase specific stats on a piece of gear). It’s probably just my bad luck, as I’m constantly mentioning that if I didn’t have bad luck, I’d simply have no luck at all.

When I don’t feel like quest grinding I spend most of my time out exploring. Looking for cairns, shinies, and harvesting. You kill enough creatures who are in your way (and participate in the odd rift here and there) that it’s profitable and a nice relaxing break from playing errand girl (or boy) for the NPC’s. I haven’t spent any more time in dungeons yet, but that’s always an option too if I feel like using the LFD tool. I imagine I’ll hit level 50 some time this weekend, and if not then (it depends on whether or not I’m headed out Friday to the Morrisburg Medieval Festival) it should happen shortly after.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


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