It’s almost that time again, time for the largest eq2 player run festival! The Festival of Unity has been around for a number of years now (5!), and this year it’s bigger then ever. I’ve gone to every single one, and even if you’re not a large roleplay gamer I HIGHLY suggest you check it out. Here are some of my older posts about the festivals on Antonia Bayle – I’m including posts from the counter-part, the festival of discord as well.

Each year the festivals grow in size, and this year there are 15 different guilds involved. You can check out the Festival on facebook, and you can also check out a map of the events as well as the time over on their guild portal page. The opening ceremonies begin June 19th (this Sunday) at 2pm EST and will end at 10pm EST. They’ve also included a very thorough FAQ about the festival, so if you have questions be sure to check out their forums.

Some events previously have included Feyiron Chef (one of my favorites) as well as races, matches of strength, and of course the grounds are filled with vendors selling their wears and entertaining the crowds. So many people show up to this that you may have to adjust your settings or risk crashing. I will be wandering the event in one guise or another (I haven’t decided which character I’ll be bringing yet) so if you want to say hello feel free! It’s worth creating a character on Antonia Bayle just for this event.

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