Crystalline Breaks is a solo instance in the Eastern Wastes (which has nothing to do with the screen shot of Toxulia posted above, I just thought it looked awesome) that players can farm once a day for four legendary chests and some treasured. The instance is pretty easy to gain access to, and you’ll probably want to do it at least once for the aa involved. I’ve been doing this zone once a day on every character I have simply for transmute parts, and the gear inside is a nice upgrade for my characters (and the many many alts I have).

To begin access you’ll first want to talk to Orolr Throatgrinder (-644, -339, 2498) in the Eastern Wastes. He’s right beside the landing pad of the Ry’Gorr encampment. If you haven’t worked on your Ry’Gorr faction yet the little camp will be aggressive to you, but that gets fixed very quickly with this quest.

  • Search for Ulart Koshgak (-1015, -344, 2406)
  • Kill 7 blizzard dervishes
  • Kill 1 more blizzard dervish
  • Speak with Orolr Throatgrinder
  • Head to the Ry’Gorr encampment, and behind the building you’ll find Rongot Wyrmrippa (-751, -343, 2786)
  • Kill 8 Frostpaw Direbears (-748, -350, 3187)
  • Return to Rongot, and he’ll give you the quest that sends you into Crystalline Breaks (instance is located at -758, -327, 2619)

There are a few quests you can do within the zone as well. My advice is to invis past the rock mobs until you need them (you’ll need 12), nothing sees in the zone not even the named. Make sure you kill all of the bats, killing 7 of them spawns the final named. None of them do anything out of the ordinary, and any player should be able to easily solo this instance without too much difficulty. In fact I’m pretty sure that’s why it was added to game.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


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