Ah, Port Scion. It’s a very neat messy warfront that I did for the first time yesterday. A confusing mass of bodies flying everywhere, plus mobs making it all the more fun. It seems that more often then not when it comes to pvp the groups I’m in are constantly being outdone by the guardians – but it’s still fun, and I still partake. Every so often I’ll be on the winning side of a match even if it doesn’t happen too often.

Today marks the beginning of Rifts 6 month anniversary festival. I’m happy for Trion, I think that in today’s volatile game market to be going so strong after six months is quite a feat. I can’t speak for all servers but mine is quite busy, there are players everywhere on both Guardian and Defiant sides of the fence, warfronts pop up frequently no matter what level I tend to queue at, and over all I feel a lot of ‘life’ in the game while playing.

Yesterday I started leveling up my mage, who is now 19. In most games I play I tend to want a ranged dps character as opposed to a melee type, and I’m already feeling that I may switch from cleric to mage if I get to level 50 on the new character. We’ll see how it goes though. This weekend I will no doubt be grinding T2 dungeons in hopes of extra plaques so that I can finish off my T2 gear set. I hope everyone else has a fantastic weekend, no matter what game they find themselves in!

As always, happy gaming!

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