Last night I was heading to a quest turn in when I came across a dragon mote. Like I typically do, I stopped to kill it – and low and behold a purple appearance helmet dropped from it! Pictured above, I think it looks pretty swanky and in the countless motes I’ve killed I’ve never gotten it before. I’ve killed a lot of them too as I tried to save up tears for various things. I moved servers – taking the guild I help run along with me (after making sure everyone was ok with it first of course) and moved all my alts too. I had to level my warrior to 15 first before moving, and empty the guild bank but everything went flawless. I was playing defiant on Deepwood (which is a fine server) but have since moved to Shatterbone which has a nice population of active defiant players. I don’t regret the move at all and even had some work crafting the cleric dps rings for players (made a quick 10p in one tip, woohoo). It’s important to me for a server to be active, not just in numbers of players but in actual things going on. When I moved to the new server I saw DRR going on, crafting rifts (which they call crifting?) and numerous faction grinds. Channels are busier then I’m used to seeing, and it’s delightful. Since Trion allows us the ability to move once a week if I didn’t like the server I wasn’t concerned, because I would just move elsewhere at the end of my trial time.

Ogur and I did a few T2 with Shadowgeist, and then Ogur took my baby mage to King’s Breach where I dinged 35. Sadly the birthday celebration bonuses end today but I think I took good advantage of it while it was available (I’ve been trying to break myself of the habit of logging into EQ2, even though they had ‘back to school’ stuff going on – and I actually managed it. Quite frankly I’m tired of forcing myself to enjoy a video game). I’ve been doing my crafting dailies in the hopes that I’ll come across a plaque (artificer) so that I can purchase the stalwart warrior ring – but so far plaques have been unkind to me, whether I open rifts or do dailies. My only guarantee is that I’ll get one Wednesday when I do my lure quest.

The fallout from the PvP changes doesn’t seem too bad yet. Channels of course are making things sound much worse then they are, but I’ve seen plenty of PvP still happening both in warfronts and in the world via rifts. I haven’t participated in them myself since the changes to my rank 1/2 gear but then again I’m not a HUGE PvP player, I tend to take part only when the urge hits me (which it will I’m certain).

Now that I’ve got my cleric specs posted I plan on doing the same with my mage. Although she’s only level 35 so far and it’s difficult to decide what I’ll be using at 50. So far she’s sporting three specs, one is a dungeon dps spec, another is a support / heal spec, and the third is my solo build that I use while I’m out exploring. No doubt I’ll be making numerous changes as time goes on.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself! I Hope everyone was able to enjoy the magnificent holiday weekend.


5 thoughts on “A Flawless Server Transfer (Including Guild) #RiftGame”
  1. @Stargrace — I know which BP you mean, and in fact am using it as my appearance BP right now. Faith-Forged, or something like that. Starts white with red and gold trim, but you can dye it also. I’ve got mine dyed to the “dark sky blue” from my apothecary. I’ll have to post some screenshots over at nomadicgamer soon.

  2. My warrior has that helmet. I’d forgotten it came out of a mote.

    I’ve been playing EQ2 all weekend and having a great time. Mrs Bhagpuss and I finally cracked and used the double SC weekend to buy DoV, and we both spent most of Sunday and Monday doing the crafting quests. Really top stuff, great fun. Only logged into Rift to do the event dailies.

    Despite the current chaos of GU61, I feel EQ2 is just getting better and better.

  3. I really like it with the cleric tank BP (crafted, non-set one, I forget the name of it, level 50 epic piece) on females, it looks like a pink and white dress over some chain and the helm works into the outfit perfectly.

  4. I’ve managed to find 2 of those helmets. They’re dye-able too. My mage is wearing one and I gave the other to my rogue, though until I settle on a color scheme for the rogue, I’ve not yet dyed it and am not wearing it yet. I felt it looked like cloth or leather and fit with their look, but not for my cleric or warrior.

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