I’ve picked up a new single target / aoe spec for the cleric that I’m simply in love with. It’s a caster spec, and it’s fantastic for dungeons. So now I have an AoE heal build, single target heal build, solo melee build, and dungeon caster build. My new thought stems from the fact that I am having so much fun playing a caster I’m debating whether or not I should switch my main to a mage. Sounds like an easy decision, if I enjoy playing a caster why not be a mage – but there’s so much work that goes into a character in Rift, it’s not something I can take lightly. For example I’m almost glorified with Icewatch Keep – this is faction I’ve been working on daily for almost a month now, pounding away at quests that give never enough notoriety. Then there’s all of the pieces of set gear I’ve managed to collect (via crafting) that I’d hate to see wasted, and the time spent working on various saga quests. So do I want to start over with my 37 mage? I haven’t decided yet.

In Rift more so then most games I feel that it’s important to have a main because there’s just SO MUCH to do in game. If you’re left without focusing on a particular character you can easily feel that you’re ‘behind’ the curve.

I’m really pleased that the game has been holding my attention fairly steadily. I haven’t been playing any EQ2, I’ve been relaxing and doing some RL crafting, loads of reading, and some single player games (ok it’s just Sims 3 but it counts, and I love it).

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “The Responsibilities of Having a Main #RiftGame”
  1. I’m playing LotRO again — or starting to — and I admit that this paralyzes me. I don’t know which one I should have as my main — and what if I choose wrong? All that effort of gaining rep and crafting and whatnot is wasted. And crafting too, makes me shake. I want to pick the ones useful to me, but as I love crafting, it means having alts because I want to try a ton of them, but I also want them to be useful to my main, so that means leveling them up more or less the same … too much to do, gahhh…

    Did you feel this way in LotRO? I want to take my time and do tons of stuff but I’m just afraid the hobbits will be in Mordor before I even reach the level cap. And I’m not helping things by being stuck and paralyzed and indecisive. :(

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