what is it about Glitch that has me waking up every morning to check on my pigs, butterflies, and chickens? I couldn’t tell you. This little browser game has captured my attention in a way that very few games ever have, and I’m really enjoying myself. This morning I got incredibly lucky, I found a 15,000 currant home listed for sale in Groddle Meadow, UR which is an incredibly desirable place to live. This house came with 6 piggies, 2 fruit trees, 3 spice plants, a 32 slot storage cabinet, trophy case, and 16 crop garden plots. I was ecstatic, the 30,000 currant home I had been looking at came with 3 patches (2 less then my current home), the same storage, and 18 crop garden plots instead of 16. For twice the price! It paid off for me to be frantically checking the real estate listings periodically in the mornings. I saved a bundle of money and came away with an amazing home.

What have I been up to in Glitch? Well the past two days I’ve been doing nothing but trying to save up enough money to upgrade my home. Had I known I was going to purchase this (far) cheaper abode, I wouldn’t have had to work so hard, but now I’m resting on a pretty little sum of extra cash. In the mean time I’m working on my cooking skills, having completed all of the skills that involve animals. This is how I make most of my money at the moment, chickens reward me with a lot of mini radios which I can sell or donate to the Giants, and when I get a super harvest on a pig that’s 20 meat I can sell. I’ve been doing a bit of mining as well, but I need to get my skills up a bit higher before that will be a money making endeavor for me. Meditation has become a very useful skill, and I’m thinking of raising my tinkering higher. Being able to fix my tools instead of having to completely replace them is a blessing.

I’ve been lucky in game, too. I’ve come across some tools others have abandoned on the ground (free money!) and I’ve been exploring a lot. I came across this really neat desert area filled with sand, dunes, and the spirits of my ancestors. There was a time limit on how long I could stay in this area, and along the ground were sign posts that would grant me extra time as I passed them if they were standing up, or other goodies like drinks. If they were face down on the ground then they would reward me nothing.

I’ve climbed my way to level 14 (I have no idea how many ‘levels’ there are) and have barely noticed myself doing it. You earn a handful of xp for completing quests as well as earning new achievements. It’s still very much a ‘make your own fun’ game, I’ve been leaving notes around the zones I visit for other players to read. I found a few yesterday that were filled with star wars quotes. There’s so many little things hidden out of the way that players are forced to explore on their own to encounter.

You can find me playing as Stargrace if you want to add me to your friends list, in the mean time, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!


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