If there was one game I really wish I had of purchased a lifetime subscription to, it would be the Lord of the Rings Online. I kick myself every time I log in that I didn’t take advantage of it while I had the time, but I just couldn’t afford it. Every so often I get an itch to dive into the game, and this week was no different. I own all of the latest expansions, but my main character is only level 43 (almost 44!) and that’s not high enough to really take advantage of Mirkwood or the most recent expansion, Isengard.

Toargo and I delved into game without too many issues, and as a sort of refresher course we decided skirmishes would be the way to go. Great experience, and a safe fighting environment that wouldn’t have other players cursing our name. Most of the time, at least.

We completed a handful of them without any issue while I got reacquainted with my Minstrel. Before I knew it two hours had passed and it was time to head to bed. Funny how those moments sneak up on us.

LotRO is one of the few MMOs I’ve played for any length of time where I haven’t managed to get to the ‘cap’ in game. In fact I’ve never even been close to maxing out the level of one of my characters. I find leveling quite slow, but then again I don’t dedicate as much time to playing as I do other games either. I’m not quite sure why. The game is (and always has been) breathtakingly beautiful, and I suppose all of the fall colours if Rivendell makes me a little nostalgic since it’s my favorite time of the year. I haven’t subscribed to the game (yet) and am still playing it in the ‘free to play’ form, but I imagine that will change before too long.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!


5 thoughts on “Missing Out #LotRO”
  1. I’ve been spending most of my gaming time in LOTRO recently since quitting Rift, and also kick myself for not getting a lifetime sub way back when! I’m on Landroval too, so feel free to drop me a note if you’re ever looking for someone to group with who won’t yell at you. :) I’m Derreth (75 hunter) and Vansyn (54 champ), and I’ve occasionally been working on leveling my cappy (Deriwyn, 30-something), but she’s more fun to group with than to play solo.

    @pkudude99: I played LOTRO on and off for a long time before it grabbed me, so I totally understand. I’d play for a bit, but it seemed very… sterile. I’m not sure when that changed. I think I eventually played long enough for the epic storyline to suck me in, and I’ve been playing since. I’m still not crazy about the starting zones though.

  2. I’ve never made it out of the initial starting areas. I think I’ve made it to level 8 on a character or 2. I agree that the game’s gorgeous, and I can’t really say anything’s wrong with it, but it just doesn’t “grab me” so to speak. I’ve reinstalled it since it went F2P and still CBA to log in. It’s just not on my radar anymore. I wish it was, in that I love the lore and the world and all that — been a big fan of Tolkien since I was about 10 — but… something just doesn’t click with me in this game.

  3. @Victor – yes, I’m on Landroval! I believe I even have your character on my friends list. Or one of them in any case.

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