Once more I have been pulled into Tranqility by the lure of – well, nothing in specific, in fact it’s something I can’t quite put my finger on. I received an email from CCP stating that I could log back into EVE for only $4.99 for my first month  back, and the price was just too good for me to resist. Before I knew it my finger was on the activate button and I found myself in game trying to remember what I was doing before my break. Playing EVE is like riding a bicycle, you take a few minutes wobbling around and then it all comes flooding back. I had docked at the headquarters of Genovian Holdings Inc. (my current tiny inactive corp) and the first thing I noticed was that our HQ was gone, items missing, and corp wallet empty. It took me a few minutes to figure out what had happened, and by then I had already frantically tweeted to Petter (CEO) wondering if we had some how been stolen from. Turns out being inactive is bad. We couldn’t pay the rent due for our HQ and thus we lost our hangars. I’m not sure if everything in them transferred to me, but 600 of those items did and I found them in my inventory.

I wouldn’t mind being in a more active corp, but I’m nice and cozy in my high sec space, aside from some wurmhole exploration I tend to stay that way. My ‘gaming’ involves a lot of invention and manufacturing with some mining runs thrown in there for good measure. I have never been one for a lot of killing, although I am working on fitting my dominix for some ‘pew pew’.

I updated EVEMon and saw there have been some changes, both to the program itself (which I use for skill tracking) and the API from CCP. I can now track and view multiple things involving my character like research and standings. Right now I’m working on propulsion jamming IV, and then it’s time to work on energy systems operation. I currently have 24 skills at level V with 13 million SP spent. Not that much compared to some players, but a comfortable amount for me.

I haven’t checked on my PI yet, but that will be next on the list as I ease myself back into things. I was manufacturing items for drones and then selling those drones in Jita on a weekly basis to fund my wallet and I’d like to get back into the habit of doing that (along with some invention). I was also working with an agent or two on some missions, but I have no idea what faction I happened to be working on (or why I was working on it) so that’s on my ‘to do’ list. All in all, it feels great to be back. I think it’s the sandbox flavor of the game that keeps pulling me in. As any long time reader of this site knows, I am really not a fan of any science fiction what so ever. It typically puts me to sleep. EVE, somehow, has managed to beat those odds.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!



One thought on “What Is It About EVE? #EveOnline #TweetFleet”
  1. I don’t know what it is about Eve, but at a guess I’d say it’s becuz it’s unlike any other game out there still. Any new fantasy-themed MMO is called a WoW-clone almost by default anymore, but other than maybe Perpetuum, (which IMO is NOTHING like Eve) how often do you hear of an Eve-clone? Or how often do you hear anyone describe a game as being like Eve? So… yeah… unique experience when you play it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    I actually let my sub run out a few months back and I really don’t ever plan on going back — I logged out in null and all but 1 of my jump clones are out there too, so even if I did it’d be a bit rough for me to get back to “safe space.” Only a bit rough — I have a cloaky Anathema and the cloaky modules for a Tengu as well, so I could probably get one out, clone jump back and get the other out too — but still rough enough to discourage me from really wanting to. I think that might be why I did it. Eve wasn’t “doing it” for me anymore, but I knew the siren call and wanted to be sure I *wouldn’t* go back, if that makes any sense.

    Still…. I check the dev blogs a couple of times a week and still follow 5 or 6 blogs more or less completely devoted to Eve, and sometimes even hit up Failheap Challenge forums to see the discussions about it. I can’t seem to get fully away from it even with a canceled sub that I don’t plan on ever reactivating.

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