After playing Skyrim for a few hours this weekend I realized just how massive the game really is, and I haven’t gotten ‘that far’ in it yet. I saw the phonebook sized game guide that was released, it’s 655 pages and enormous. I’m always worried about missing out on things in game because number one I’ve never played any of the other Elder Scrolls games before and number two some times I just miss things. So I decided it would probably be worth it to pick up the game guide, and now that I’ve browsed through it a bit I’m glad that I did. In fact it convinced me to restart my game, this time with a better knowledge of what I want to focus on character wise.

I love the idea of archery but in practice I suck at it. I’ve been working on shooting my arrows INTO things instead of into the dirt. Little did I know that the chickens I chose as a target can’t actually be hit by arrows. I decided to test this theory by picking off a farmer in the center of the back and WOW I HIT SOMETHING WOOHO— oh noes, guards and farmer didn’t like that and hey now I’m dead.

Having loads of fun playing this game? Yes, yes I am. In fact I’m playing it just like I play my MMOs but without the whole multiplayer aspect which is just fine by me.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!


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