NaNoWriMo is done for another year, and I’m incredibly happy to report that I managed to make my 50,000 words happen on time. I’m even happier to announce that after some editing and a few other process that need to take place, this book will be available in the amazon store as an e-book. I’ll make future announcements about it in early January for those who are interested, and I have to admit, I am incredibly excited. It’s the first of three books I have scheduled to release, and while I don’t necessarily think they’re for everyone, hopefully someone out there enjoys reading the books as much as I did writing them.

As such, I have decided to take the next week off and relax. Aside from the occasional blog post here  and finishing the details on the 2011 Gamers Secret Santa, I am not doing any writing or even looking at anything I’ve written. December is a busy month no matter where you are, and I know that before too long the days will be filled with frantic shoppers trying to force their way through stores, and tempers will grow short over this and that. I think some times we all just need to remind ourselves that we are not in the great rush that we all think we are. Just take a moment and slow down.

This is exactly the attitude I’ve adapted with my gaming. While everyone is rushing out to explore the three new dungeons added in 4.3 I headed to old Burning Crusade raid zones with my guild mates in order to hunt for appearance gear. Our first stop was not a B.C. raid at all, but Molten Core, where we all snagged a handful of neat gear for appearance purposes. Then we headed to two other smaller raids and found ourselves with armfuls of appearance gear. My little shaman has a batman theme going on and I think it looks incredibly cute on her.

“Age of Discovery” was finally announced for December 6th, so if you’re eager to be playing a beastlord the wait is not that much longer. I have been popping in on the Antonia Bayle server to decorate but not much more then that these days. I’m just having too much fun in World of Warcraft (I know, that sounds incredibly wrong, but it’s the truth). As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself, and remember to take a minute or two, and just relax.

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