I’ve been taking my time in SWTOR, especially since I know nothing about the world. After visiting with the guy pictured above a few times, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t especially like the Hutt. I suppose that’s not very surprising for a race that seems to thrive on greed and gluttony. My nick name in game is ‘the red blade’ and I think it’s fitting that my Cyborg has red hair to match. I played a Bounty Hunter for a bit yesterday but it didn’t appeal to me as much as the Imperial Agent, so I created a new one (the old one wasn’t on my account). Ah, that’s right, I’ve also got my own account already. It didn’t take long. Even if I only play for a month or two I’ll have gotten my money’s worth.

The voice acting and stories continue to suck me in. I can’t stress enough how refreshing it is to have choices that not only affect my character but affect the responses from NPC. This morning I received mail from a father who was grateful to me for allowing him to escape the planet with his son. See, when I first did the quest I killed the father in front of the kid, and I felt so bad after watching this kid burst into tears that I really wished there was some sort of rewind button. While I’ve been doing these quests I haven’t paid any attention to the little symbol that shows up indicating whether the response will give you points in light or dark. I’ve just been responding with whatever my gut told me was the ‘right’ answer for my character. In all of the quests I’ve done so far that was the only answer that I regretted giving, and wished I could have done differently. This time around I made sure not to kill the boys father. Of course it meant lying to his wife but she didn’t seem that nice anyhow.

Why would a member of the Empire care about being ‘nice?” Well. I’ve been thinking about that. It’s exactly as the introduction movie indicates. Revenge. Revenge fuels my character, Velours. She was told by her grandmother (I haven’t decided if it’s true or not) at a young age that her parents were killed by Jedi. Sure, that’s like saying a monk wiped out an entire town, but hey why would her grandmother lie to her. So Velours doesn’t see the Empire as being evil at all, and she doesn’t feel the need to be unnecessarily cruel  to those around her. It doesn’t matter if someone is ‘good’ or ‘evil’ there is always the potential for one or the other. Anyhow. Yeah. I’ve been working on a back story for her. It’s difficult but fun to create.

I’ve inched my way to level 8, and killed a bunch of thugs who were trying to figure out what I was doing in town. Always pleasant to walk into your own room and find a few undesirables rummaging around in your personal belongings. Needless to say, they didn’t stick around.

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful weekend, no matter where you have found yourself. As always, happy gaming!

3 thoughts on “Velours, Imperial Agent #SWTOR”
  1. If you make a choice at any point during the cut scene that you don’t like, hit escape and you can start over. Later on I found that some options my companion didn’t like as much as others, and by escaping, you start fresh.

  2. In beta I killed the dad even though I didn’t like it. Was surprised to get mail later from the Sith Academy saying the kid was making progress and I did right by having him sent there. I still didn’t like it.
    But I was always curious if that story continued down the road and I met up with the kid later and had to fight him to the death since he would be out for revenge or maybe he became my apprentice, etc. Basically saying I wish the story didn’t end just there. Maybe in your scenario he himself ends up killing the dad for holding him back and goes to the Academy himself.
    I guess what I’m saying is (and I gave Bioware this same feedback in beta whenever the quest surveys would pop up) I know our characters have a main story that followed us thru the entire game. But I told them it would also be neat if some side quests updated themselves at later intervals. I don’t own the game as of yet and I only got to high teens/early 20’s in beta so not sure I’ll ever find out anyway. Just thought it would add to the story aspect of the game.

  3. Glad you’re enjoying yourself. The stories do sick you in, don’t they? I’ve both killed and saved the dad, depending on my character. Some of the choices make no sense. I’m still trying to figure it out.

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