Yesterday was an exciting day in WurmOnline. First of all, Squid managed to get a house set up – thanks to Arkenor’s excellent planning skills, and a whole lot of planks. It’s a pretty large house and my carpentry skills got a nice work out as I helped out with it. The whole endeavor felt like we were raising a barn together, helping to raise a small village – it was great. There’s a lot of pride felt when something as big as that gets completed. Once the house was completed I decided I should get some sprouts so I could re-plant some of the forest that’s missing to the north (not due to my harvesting, it happened before I took over the deed). I grabbed the sickle, and was about to wander away when Arkenor told me there was a demon in the mine.


He mentioned I could hide behind the fence (fences stop critters) and look at it, hence the screen shot above. He was completely right, there WAS a demon in the mine! The mine is pretty short, and I have no idea how it wandered in there but that nasty beast isn’t something I can fight right now, so Arkenor bravely took it away to a guard and the property was safe once more. Remember to bury your corpses folks! Dead animals attract other beasties, so bury the dead bodies. As I went around hunting for sprouts I also buried any dead bodies I saw along the way, and gathered up a whole bunch of meat that I then cooked and added to the food storage bin.

As far as sprout hunting went, it was pretty successful. It’s olive season right now, so I harvested as much as I could, and I even got some neat sprouts like a rose bush, a few apple trees, some lemon trees, and some other pretty flowers. I also found a really nice abandoned property that has a very ‘cottage’ feel to it, so if you’re looking for a home there are some out there! I was tempted to settle down in that place, it was just so pretty.

Abandoned villages are a great way to ‘procure’ items. I wouldn’t suggest stealing (you get a message that what you’re trying to do is illegal in the village if you’re stealing) since then the guards will come after you, but abandoned villages are free game. Exploring is one of my favorite things to do in Wurm, and I even managed to fight – and defeat – a young mountain lion! It was my first kill and I owe a huge part of my success to those who explained to me how to actually equip a sword in my hand, and to wear my shield on my arm. You would think these things would be simple to do – but no, it’s complicated.

I bandaged my wounds up, butchered my kill, buried it, and then set off for home with my bags bursting with meat and sprouts. I need to set up my own house some where on the deed before too long, but for now I’m a bit sick of planks so that’ll be a project for another day.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “Barn Raising and Lava Beasts #WurmOnline”
  1. Heh, I’m right there with you, Drew!

    I love the barn raising idea. Community projects in MMOs are so often really fun. Horizons was great for this, if you remember that one. Server-wide projects, like spires ? in EQ2 or whatever we used to build in Asheron’s Call, are fun too, but smaller scale where you actually are interacting with everyone on the ‘team’… those are great projects.

  2. I think Wurm has the potential to be my actual favourite MMO ever. Sadly, at the moment, I just don’t have the time to get back to it in any meaningful way, and it’s quite a time-intensive sort of game.

    And even as I write that, I have bits of my brain spinning plots to find just enough time…

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