Darkpaw Harbor is coming along. I took a two hour walk yesterday to the area on Deliverance that has steppe, a tile that is known for spawning animals. I came back with 20 mixed grass (the item required for planting it) and set 5 aside for Arkenor. The rest I planted, and I now have a pretty nice area of Steppe growing. I’ll have to dig the dirt around the tiles (it’s currently grass) so that it has a little room to spread. I have insane hopes of getting steppe planted on the beach area to the North of Darkpaw, but it would require a lot of work. First I’d need to cover all those sand tiles over with dirt, and then plant. Because those tiles are simply a ‘part of the land of wurm’ it means someone else could easily come along and ruin the hard work I’ve done in converting the tiles. Still, it’s a dream I have.

I didn’t find any horses when I went to Steppe, someone else was there rounding them up while riding on his own, so I didn’t really have a chance. However, on my travels home I did come across an abandoned adult horse, standing in the middle of no where with no one on local. I lead it home, and now it grazes happily in my animal pen. Arkenor also found a calf wandering by my place, so that has joined the collection of animals I have. I’m just hoping to get enough wemp to be able to craft a grooming brush, I have a small piece of wemp but it’s not enough to do anything with. I’ve planted some, and I’m just waiting for it to actually finish growing.

I’ve spent a lot of time away from my deed exploring the lands around – and now it’s time to settle down and get some actual work done. I’d like to finish the dock, I’d like to create a few other flat areas for planting on the lands, I’d like to plant more trees, and eventually turn wooden buildings and fences to stone. That will all take a LOT of work, but it’s time that I have. I just need to decide which one of those things I want to work on first.

On a random note, my rose bushes that I planted are finally growing! Plants each take different amounts of time to grow, trees seem to be the fastest. My roses have just started showing little sprouts and I’m so excited. There are a few planted by my field, and another planted by my house. I love the way they look and can’t wait until they reach full maturity.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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