Yesterday was probably one of the best days I’ve had in game, and every day is awesome, so that should tell you something. To begin with I made the treck North to Tristan to become a follower of Fo. There is always a priest on duty in the area, you have to only request to be converted and it’s a pretty painless ceremony.

I am Fo. I am the Silence and the Trees.

The sprout is my symbol.

Silent and lonely I lingered in darkness. Look around you. I created this of love and loneliness.

You are all like, but different. You are all dirt. You are all gems. You just come in different shapes and colors.

Do my bidding. Let all things grow into the splendor they may possess. Strive after beauty and harmony with nature. Let your soul become a lustrous gem.

With the same passion by which I once created all this, strike down at those who aim to destroy these creations.

Love me. Let me love you.

That’s Fo’s inscription. The deity of gardening and farming, love for trees and nature. That’s what I spend the majority of my time in game doing, so I figured it was a good fit. While I could have gone down the list of available spells for each deity and chosen one based on what I thought was ‘best’ I decided to go with my gut feeling, I love nature,why not follow the deity of nature. Makes sense, right?

On my way to Tristan I found an old male horse wandering without an owner on the lands of wurm. There were also a  handful of mature deer, it looked like a fence had finally rotted away, freeing the animals within. Happens, when people abandon the game. I never go anywhere without two things of rope, so I led the horse to Tristan and then back home once I became a follower of Fo. You can breed animals in wurm, and although I was not expecting it to work apparently the old male and my aged female were fond of each other – and in 7 wurm weeks (approx. 5-6 days) I should (if all goes well) have a foal. Animals can miscarry, a sad but true fact. Because I’m expecting a little horse or two to be added to my collection, I decided they really deserved a better pen. I worked with the area that I had already cleared and set up a wonderful iron gate, along with a wooden fence. When my strength is high enough I plan on dismantling the old wooden fence and using that area as field.

An important aspect of becoming a follower of Fo was to create an alter so that I could pray. It’s a simple stone construction for now, but it does the trick. I also headed to Green Dog after all of that construction work, and purchased a meditation rug from a trader. I could have created one myself, but I’m very low on cotton, and I like to support the local trade so why not. I also picked up a lantern, the mine is a scary place without light, and I dread having to enter it. All in all? An amazing day in-game, and I can’t wait to see what excitement today holds.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

3 thoughts on “Fo And Me? We’re Like This. #WurmOnline”
  1. @Dril – the traders are NPCs that players set up, there’s a “market” area at Green Dog, which is where you start. One trader is from the “King” of the Freedom Kingdom, that’s one run by the server. The priest, is a player, there are no NPC priests.

    @Elyssia – Wurm is a REALLY hard game. It requires a LOT of time, and a LOT of patience. That being said, the CA (help channel) and Freedom channels are VERY useful, the tutorials are incredibly useful (although boring) and it’s just a matter of finding your groove. The wiki is a bible to me, I learn that thing inside and out, you basically can not play the game without reading and learning the wiki. Everything you need to know about the game is there.

  2. Like Dril, the more I read about your adventures in Wurm, the more intrigued I am. It sounds like something I would adore.

    One question, though. I know you have some friends about. How tough would it be getting a start without them? I might be able to talk my significant other into giving the game a go with me, but if not, I’m curious how you think it would be solo at first.

  3. I am *extremely* interested in Wurm after reading these posts, but one question: you mention a priest always being on duty and a trader, so, were they both real players or were they NPCs?

    Thanks ;)

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