It took a long time, almost three years in fact, but I’ve finally made it to level 49 artificer. One more level and I’ll be at the old cap of 50, five more to go after that and I’ll be at the current cap of 55. I’m excited about it although to be honest I know so little about any of the 50-55 content I’m not even sure if I get any new recipes (if memory serves, I don’t, but things will be easier to make). Leveling a craft in Vanguard is unlike any other game I’ve played before, except maybe Wurm. It takes a LOT of time, and it’s not a mad rush with a timer game which I enjoy because it gives me the ability to AFK during the craft process.

Artificers (at least the branch I’m down, remember there is mineralogist and carpenter) make jewelry, along with stone weapons (mauls), and house components (bricks, planks, and shingles). I’ve been saving up my silver tokens so I can buy upgrade recipes, I’ve got a few of the lower level ones but haven’t gotten any more for a while (mostly because I wasn’t working on my crafting. It makes it difficult to get crafting sigils if you’re not actually crafting).

The shaman has managed to inch her way to level 37, which means ONE more level and it will be time for a whole collection of new spells. I’m excited about that. Sadly, this is where the level ‘grind’ comes into play. I find it very hard to get from 35-42 or so. Once you’re past those levels it seems easier, and before those levels there’s lots to do. It could also just be that I don’t have the faintest idea where I should be leveling, these days I spend my time in Bernadid Hills killing undead.

I do have other crafters and it’s important that I level them up so that I can upgrade my items with their components. In Vanguard crafters are still required to work together, using bits and pieces from one another. My jewelry components are upgraded with pieces of rare metals, and cloth. My weaponsmith is closest, at level 31, and my Leatherworker is currently 22. One of those (or both) will be next on the list I suppose.

I hope everyone had an incredible weekend, no matter where you found yourself! As always, happy gaming.


2 thoughts on “Ding! 49 Artificer #VGD #Vanguard”
  1. @Bhagpuss – I’ve already done all those quests, I wrote about them here actually. That’s how I dinged from 30-37. I’ve known about Jaye since she started the web site and then left VG and went on to work for Massively etc. so yeah, I know about her site. ;) The guides are a bit out dated these days, at least for 50-55 which is the content I need to know about most. :) I’ve already got a 50 and a 47 adventurer, so those I’m quite familiar with.

  2. I have a level 46 Leatherworker I’d be happy to log on if you need anything made. If I can remember how. Mostly when I log into Vanguard nowadays I either fly around taking screenshots or do diplomacy. Sometimes I do some lower level questing. Long time since I crafted.

    Did you do the Bounty Hunter quest-line on Seawatch Coast yet? I love that one. There is a ton of content along that coast from the mid-30s to low 40s as far as I recall.

    Journeys With Jaye has a nice write up that’s still there to read. In fact there’s a lot of good information on where to level there and entertainingly presented too.

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