Yesterday was a nice quiet evening in WurmOnline, which may make for boring blog posts, but makes for a relaxing time in game for once. The griefers have been sticking to the top of ‘their’ mountain, and leaving me and my friends alone. I’m hoping they’re laying low while GMs deal with things. Still no sign of the horses being returned to my friends. I spent a portion of the day yesterday working on securing my mine. There are some very specific things you need to do if you want it secured. My first task was to build a 1×1 shack at the entrance of the mine. This shack is situated right at the wooden door I have, and while the wooden door will prevent others from walking in, they can still bash it down because it’s not deeded property. Hence the shack. From there I built low stone walls around the opening of the mine. This will prevent people from falling down the mountain and becoming stuck inside (which is against Wurm rules, entrapping new players is bad m’kay). I placed locks on each of the doors, and made sure the quality of the house was quite high. Since it’s so small I should be able to check the damage on it quite easily and repair any decay.

Once inside the cave I’ll reinforce the walls on the left and right hand side of the entrance, this will prevent it from collapsing. I’ll still store all of my important bits inside my actual house and not in this undeeded location for safety sake, but it is nice having a little bit of security (even though the majority of security comes from having deeded property). I have almost completed my supply shed, which will hold some BSB so I can separate by quality level. I also built a new pen for my cattle at one of my deeds, completely on the property so it won’t decay nor will I have people breaking into it. Once I get the property looking a bit better I’ll post some pictures.

At this point in time I own three properties, which is one more than I had planned. Thankfully because two are back to back it makes things a bit easier. I have three active accounts, two are priests (Vynora and Fo) and the third is my “do everything” character. I’ve invested a lot of time and money into the game, so if those griefers think they’re going to scare me off, they’re mistaken. I tried to play other games while all of the drama was going on, but nothing holds my interest as of late like WurmOnline does.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

2 thoughts on “How To Properly Protect a Mine #WurmOnline”
  1. Attagirl!

    So sorry to read all this. Griefers are a bliddy pest! But Bhagpuss is right, although they’ve evolved to be better over time, the rules in Wurm Online do need some sharpening up here and there. (I mind when horses could be butchered *on deed!*.) Good luck Stargrace, and hang in there. You will get through and be stronger – they (the griefers) on the other hand are stuck with their own narsty personalities for the long haul, must be awful.
    All the best

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