Every game has a ‘hitch’ that keeps you wanting to log in. For most of my themepark MMOs, this is done by daily quests. In EVEOnline it’s with daily missions from R&D agents, and my PI production. In WurmOnline that hitch is a lot stronger for me to deal with – pictured above, my hen. She died because I didn’t log in for one day. There are some incredibly delicate animals in WurmOnline, including pigs and hens. My rooster is being cared for and has lasted quite a long time now, but no such luck for the hen. You have to hand feed them (or leave a pile of grain on the ground, I couldn’t do that because the cows just eat it all). I had fed her in the morning, and even cast my Fo spell on her that grooms and takes care of her – but by that evening after less than a real life day of neglect, she was dead. If you don’t log in and tend for your animals (that’s assuming you have animals) they die. They get disease. They miscarry. With 12 horses, a hen, a deer, 5 dogs, 5 unicorns, and a handful of cattle, this is a major deal to me, I don’t want to log in to a pen full of corpses. There are of course ways to get around this. You can have enchanted grass planted, this feeds animals forever (grain eating animals at least). You need to have someone cast it for you or be level 7 on the path of love (meditation skill). It costs approx 50c-1s per tile to be done and there’s no guarantee that the animals will stand on that specific tile if you have a large space. It also doesn’t prevent them from aging or from getting disease. You can leave piles of food around, but there’s no guarantee that every animal who is hungry will get to eat their fill. Especially if you have 2nd generation (or older) animals who may have the “always hungry” trait. Thankfully I have enough skill that I can see if my animals have this trait.

I’ve been doing a lot of work on my deeds lately. I did own four of them. I know, a bit much right? I owned Darkpaw Bay, Fippy’s Keep, Les Reveurs, and Les Reveurs over on independence server. I decided since Fippy’s Keep and Darkpaw Bay were back to back, I would take down the keep, and expand Darkpaw Bay by a few tiles. Doing this allowed me to map out a larger pen for animals, all on-deed. I also added new bear pens, and have started breeding my black bears. I’d like to make a few more pens in behind, and my priest should have a lot of fun working on her animal-heavy deed. Since there’s not a lot else that a priest can do besides nature related tasks, this makes for the perfect deed for her.

My deed in the mountains belongs to Stargrace, and she spends her time mining and working on various skills, it’s probably my favorite deed. She has a small collection of dogs at the moment (four) and two bulls who drag her cart around happily. Aside from that things are quiet.

The deed on independence is also quiet. It’s a place I use only for working skills, right now I’m working my way through hot food cooking. It’s not the most exciting of tasks, but it’s great for priests to raise SD (soul depth). Something needed in a lot of spells.

I’ll be posting more screen shots of each deed as the week goes by, so stay tuned for that. I may even post a video or two of me walking around the deeds. We’ll see. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

4 thoughts on “How WurmOnline Keeps You Playing #WurmOnline”
  1. @Jaffa – you can’t name anything per say. Horses do come with a semi-unique computer generated name, but the rest of the animals are just ‘mature fat brown cow’ and ‘aged greenish fat unicorn’ etc. Also, that’s a great idea, setting up a day-care type situation where someone can go and feed your animals for you. :) Sandbox ftw!

  2. I can’t imagine playing a game where it is possible to have animals, and then not having them :) It does sound like an opportunity for some enterprising person to set up a boarding service to provide care for WurmOnline animals while their owners go on vacation.

    I guess it also depends whether the animals are like pets, or are really just mobile commodities that can be easily replaced. Can you name individual animals? I’d be a lot more upset to come back and find Betsy dead on my front porch, rather than generic cow #43.

  3. Okay, let me just cross WurmOnline off the list of games that I might ever consider playing. I’m okay with games that want me to log on every day, and maybe offer tempting bonus goodies that I’m going to miss out on if I don’t. But games that are going to punish me by having bad things happen to my character if I choose to go RL camping instead of playing for a weekend? That is not acceptable.

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