Last week we were given the pleasure of double doors. These have been a long time coming, doors that not only function to allow players in and out of their homes, but also allow you to ride carts through them. Why is this such a big deal? Well, storing items inside of a house (or mine) reduces the decay. This means that players (myself as an example) house lots of bulk storage bins inside. The problem is that a player can only drag a cart of a certain weight before it becomes too heavy so in most cases where I was moving heavy items, I had to unload them a few at a time, walk through the door, drop them off, walk back out, and reload. The double doors solve that, I can now ride into the house and unload directly into the bsb from the cart, without any extra hassles.

Needless to say, I spent most of my late weekend replacing single doors with double doors. In fact I replaced an entire house (pictured above) and then decided that there were all sorts of things I wanted to do at Darkpaw. I’ve moved Stargrace over for now (since Arysh is a Fo priest she can’t handle a lot of construction) and I’ve been working on my latest project which is a new and improved wooden dock. I’ll post screen shots of it once I’ve got it finished up. For now it’s just a mass of dirt, I’m working on planks which will then be used to create floor boards. Floor boards is a boring job, but hey, someone has to do it! The over all effect should be nice, and I’m looking forward to showing it off a bit. I’ve extended this extra dock along the length of my previous one, and alongside my beach house, it’s also all on-deed, which means I should be able to keep bulk storage bins and other items out there without any worries of thieves.

My apologies again for the lack of posts, I am now a year older (wiser? Naw), and things have been busy – but I’m still here, and more posts will be forthcoming!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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