For once I’m actually not playing much Wurm Online today, or any other of my ‘usual’ games – I’ve been playing Diablo 3, even though it was not a game I actually intended on playing. I purchased it for my husband by signing up for a year of WoW and since it’s tied to my bnet account I figured I would download it and give it a try.

A few hours later, and me and my witchdoctor are having a blast exploring dungeons and blowing things up with (mostly) ranged attacks.

I know you can play with others, but aside from friends who are just as curious about the lore / story as I am I’d rather not. I am not interested in rushing through maps so much as I’m interested in exploring and listening to the voice overs (which are very well done). The graphics are impressive for the type of game it is, and it’s been running flawlessly for me since I installed it this morning. Looking forward to playing more!

If you want to add me, my battletag is: stargrace#1783

2 thoughts on “No #Error37 Here! #Diablo3”
  1. I liked D1 fine, but D2 never clicked with me, so I got a barbarian into Act 3, but no other character even out of Act 1. All the blogging I’ve been reading about D3 says “it’s more of the same with updated graphics and features.” Based on that, I won’t be getting D3 for myself, but I’m enjoying reading what is being said about it.

  2. I only had about a minute or two of the ole #error37 before getting in, then settled down to spend the night in Diablo 3 (Aussie timezone so launch was just before I got home from work, perfect timing).

    Finished Act 1 a bit after midnight and called it a night – absolutely loving it so far!!

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