Determined to reach 50 fighting skill, I set off with Stargrace to find some creatures. I took my trusted steed, which ended up being a mistake (and was very amusing the first time, no so much the second time). The first mishap occurred when I was wandering into a cave. Normally I can see what I’m fighting, but this time things were dark and I wasn’t really paying attention. I killed a mountain lion that was lurking down at the bottom and then clicked around some. I heard my horse being attacked by something and figured another creature must be hiding so I left the cave. When no creature followed me out I was a bit surprised but things still didn’t register. Finally when my horse hit the ground dead I realized that it had been me who was attacking the poor animal the entire time. Whewps.

The second time was also my fault and it could have easily been avoided. See, when you have an animal tamed, mobs tend to hit them first and they also help you out in combat. With a horse this is very dangerous, as soon as they get wounds to their legs they start walking incredibly slow. I had tamed a horse in order to add some gear to the animal (the only way you can equip it) and forgot to tame something else after so that the horse would wear the gear and not follow any of the tame rules. I ended up getting attacked by a few spiders, and I stopped for a moment to regain my stamina – the horse quickly fell.

Despite the fact that it was a bad week for my horses (and they were 5-speed horses too, yikes) I did manage to inch my way to 50 fight skill, which I’m very pleased about. It came with a new title, ‘soldier’ and while it’s not THAT impressive, I’m still proud.

Speaking of titles, I also managed to reach 50 hot food cooking on my Vynora priest, which granted him a title of ‘Caterer’ and he now supplies delicious meals to my characters who reside at Thorin’s Bay. Not bad for a long weekend!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

One thought on “They Call Me A Soldier (and a Caterer) #WurmOnline”
  1. Grats. :)

    I also found out that starving animals will attack your horse even when it’s not tamed. I was riding to kill a spider on Moumix’s deed Venezia and my target started attacking my horse. I ended up parking in his small dock pen and going out to kill the spider on foot.

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