Thanks to some wonderful posts by Ardwulf, I decided that I should log into Vanguard for the loyalty rewards they are offering until the game goes free to play – and I’m very glad I did. I missed the May rewards which included a boat for players, but June was just as exciting. On my players below 50 I received a free small house (you still have to purchase the plot, but this saves a lot of building should I ever decide to move), as well as some appearance gear which my 50 monk is showing off above. It’s a plate graphic which doesn’t really suit her style, but there’s a lot of details in the pieces which I really appreciate.

There’s a bit of controversy about the level 50 rewards, which include 2 chests with augments, and 5 crates that you have to use a special mallet from KDG to open. The mallet costs 1g each, and you must be level 50 to get to the zone to begin with in order to purchase these. I was able to save up the crates on my level 47, but I only have one level 50 character at this time, so only she was able to open them. The crate rewards were various pieces of (to me) awesome gear, some yellow and some orange. Sadly, none of the pieces were of any actual use to me, being better suited for plate classes, but perhaps I can save them for alts or put them up on the broker.The controversy comes from players who argue that giving away these augments as loyalty rewards trivializes farming / raiding for them. On one hand I can understand their perspective, however, personally, I don’t raid nor do I farm, so this is a chance for me that I would otherwise not have. I still think players spend too much time worrying about what everyone ELSE is doing with their characters, rather than enjoying the game themselves and being preoccupied with their own business. How someone else plays the game or what gear they have shouldn’t have such a dire impact on how you view things (personal opinion only here).

It would be great to get my blood mage to 50 (55 ideally, as that’s the new cap) so that she could participate in these rewards, but I’ve little to no idea of where to level these days. Still, my interest in Vanguard is once again piqued (along with my ever wavering interest in Guild Wars) which is never a bad thing. I’ve loved Vanguard from the very start, and I’m pretty excited at the prospect of getting to share that love with others as they realize what a great game it truly is. I hope the free to play model goes well.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Trick to the crates. You can port to New Targonar(sp) and jump off the cliff with float(or using the chunk line) to get down, then swim to the top of the island. once there, typing /stuck yes will port you to the camp you need

  2. OMG! You spelled “piqued” correctly! 1st time I’ve seen it spelled right in. . .years, really.


    I re-subbed to VG a couple of months back for the vet rewards, but then found myself not bothering to log in even 1x a week, much less actually heading to the places to get the vet rewards, so I canceled the sub again. I don’t know why, but VG’s just never hooked me. All the elements seem to be there, and I *love* nearly all of their classes (and hope that the Inquisitor Heavy Fighter might even make it in to the game someday. . . Yes, I dare to dream! ), yet. . .14 is as high as I’ve ever managed to take a character before completely losing all interest.

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