This weekend Sincor organized a mass casting of ‘Rite of Spring‘ ‘Holy Crop‘ and ‘Ritual of the Sun‘ on the Deliverance server. Each of these spells belongs to one of the three Freedom Gods, and requires 300 favor to cast which means a lot of linking. I was only too eager to help out in any way that I could and so I volunteered a priest of each deity, and helped out with a few gems.

One of the major benefits to casting these spells is that the players online who are followers / priests of that deity will gain 5h of sleep bonus when the spell goes off. The downside to this is that too many people want the sleep bonus but don’t want to help out with the cast. I was sad to see that a few of the ‘old timers’ were unwilling to come to Green Dog to help with the cast, giving some pretty feeble excuses. All community events like this only work if they have the help of the community behind it.

For those who did come out, I was thankful, and had fun. It was nice to see parts of the community come together to help benefit the entire server, although it did not help that the following day the servers all went down numerous times so everyone (online or not) was granted 5h of sleep bonus. Some players even went so far as to complain that they already had 5h sleep bonus so they didn’t personally benefit from the 5h that was granted from server issues. Really? We are so selfish that we have to complain when others benefit from something that we already have? Honestly, it just made my head hurt.

There are a few other community events scheduled for this summer, including a summer festival of sorts on the Independence server which I am looking forward to attending. There will be games and prizes given out as well as priests casting and other good things. I love these player run events, and I think they really add character to a game – as long as they can be managed well. It’s only too easy for one person to spoil it for a group and for arguments to follow. Thankfully we don’t see too much of that.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 thoughts on “Community Effort #WurmOnline”
  1. @Saraski – it wasn’t for nothing. 1. There’s no way we could have known servers were going to come down like that the day after. 2. Some people used up that SB just fine, and then were granted 5h more, it’s supposed to be a GOOD thing, not bad. 3. Not everyone could make it online for the casts, so this gave *everyone* SB, which is also good, not bad. The servers didn’t fail when it happened, it was the day after that gave more SB. The exact complaints I got was that they wanted 10 hours SB because they already got 5h the day before.

  2. Well Star,

    I think that if everyone arranges a mass sermon, putting in a lot of effort over weeks planning it and doing it and then when it happens the servers fail, it annoys the people who have spent time arranging it and attending it, it’s not more of selfishness, its that the people who have put in effort put it in for nothing :/

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