As the release date for Guild Wars 2 (quickly) approaches, I’ve been meandering my way through prophecies in Guild Wars 1. Completing all of the major story lines as well as the bonuses you can find in each mission. So far I’m not very far, I’ve completed up to the wilds, which is mission 10 out of 25. Still, I’m pretty happy with my progress, and the story is getting quite interesting.

My Mesmer / Ranger (I went back to my original character) is level 18, and since I’ve dipped a toe or two into Eye of the North already I have a few heroes at my disposal which makes doing these missions MUCH easier. Even though I am using the wiki as a guide the cut scenes and story are still really great and I haven’t skipped through any of them yet.

One ‘difficulty’ I’ve had (if you can call it that) is reading the map to follow along with where I should be headed. Because the map is partially blurred until you traverse over the land, it makes reading it and comparing it to the wiki map quite difficult. Combine that with the fact that I simply get lost by turning around in most cases, and it’s a wonder that I’ve gotten this far at all.

You can add me to your friends list in-game (N) as Silhouette Reveur, I’m still looking for a lot of mini pets if anyone has any duplicates they wouldn’t mind sparing. I’ve got three of my own collection but for once I’ve no alts so I have none to spread around.

Now that I’ve adventured through a significant chunk of the prophecies chain I’ve come to really appreciate the game a lot more than I did when I first purchased it. I don’t even miss the ability to jump (much).

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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