The past few days I’ve been spending a lot of time probing, scanning down sites and then exploring whatever it is I’ve discovered. I started off looking for grav sites for mining, but they have been incredibly rare as of late – and (I know, gasp) a bit boring. Instead I’ve spent most of my time hanging out in the NPC sites, battling serpentis. I still haven’t worked my way up to pvp quite yet.

That being said, a few exciting things happened yesterday. First of all, I joined a corp. Yep, my first ‘active’ corp besides the NPC default one that I was placed into. Listening to them in channels is like listening to a whole other language, and so far I don’t quite understand that language – mostly because I’m a ‘carebear’ in game who doesn’t partake in pvp. That’s alright though, there’s no pressure for me to jump right into things and I like that. In fact it’s nice to simply have other people around to communicate with and since I’m a fast learner, I bet it won’t be long before I figure things out.

While scanning down sites yesterday I ran into a few issues. First of all, my Dominix isn’t allowed in a lot of the sites I scanned. I love my Dominix but I feel like I’ve outgrown it some what. So I’m training towards an Ishtar. In the mean time I picked up a Myrmidon which is a Battlecruiser and was allowed through most gates. Of course then I came across a gate that wouldn’t allow the Dominix OR the Myrmidon, so I picked up a simple Vexor which is a cruiser, and completed the system in that. Then I came to a third gate that wouldn’t allow any of those ships through. So I decided – not to bother. I had done enough ship shopping for the day. None of these ships are particularly impressive, but they do really well when they’re fit properly. Playing the Myrmidon is quite fun, it’s completely different than playing my Dominix. It’s a close range ship, and incredibly fast. Of course I’m still pretty dependent on my drones, but that just happens to be my play style.

Mean while, I’m still knee deep in invention and manufacturing. I need to focus on raising my standings with my R&D agents so I can continue moving up the chain and earn more RP/day. There’s so much to do in EVE, it certainly keeps me busy.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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